Hope for the Holidays

The warm feeling you get after helping someone in need is one of the best parts of the holiday season. This school year, J. Clarke Richardson’s Student Government ran the annual Hope for the Holidays campaign.  During this event, our school worked with the Durham Children’s Aid Society and sponsored two families in need to help them have a great holiday. Student Government raised money through the sale of raffle tickets along with holding a bake sale and a Celebrity Server night at the Boston Pizza in Ajax. In total, our school raised over $1000 which is more than we have ever raised before!

“It’s always a great feeling to help people who are going through some difficult times,” says JCR’s Minister of Finance Wayne Cente. “The fact that we were able to raise this much money with the support of staff and students is absolutely amazing.”

After all of the money was collected, members went to Wal-Mart and bought all of the items on the families’ wish lists that the Society had provided. With the extra money, they bought store gift cards so that the families could have the money they need to buy essential items for themselves. The items were deposited at the Society and delivered to the families in mid-Decembhelping hander.

This fundraiser could not have been held without the hard working members of Student Government and the full support of staff and students at J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate. Aliyah Malik, a grade 11 student, feels very strongly about this fundraiser.

“Hope for the Holidays is a brilliant way for the school to come together and help represent the true meaning of the holidays,” Malik said.