Diwali Dinner

What is Diwali Dinner?

The spectacular Diwali Dinner was a festival hosted by DSA – Desi Student Association on November the 14th . This event celebrates Diwali and what is Diwali you may ask? Diwali is a festival celebrated every year by Hindus. Diwali represents the power of light and wisdom over darkness and  arrogance, which is another reason why it is also known as “the festival of lights’ ‘.

How did the Desi Student Association prepare before the spectacular event?

The Desi Student Association student volunteers, presidents and co-presidents helped with putting together this amazing event! Everyone played an important role in making this event happen. A few people worked on the decorations, others with the technology, setting tables and most importantly, preparing the delicious food!

What events occurred during Diwali Dinner?

Diwali dinner started off with the volunteers welcoming everyone to the decorated tables, to get started for Diwali Dinner. Afterwards, the presidents who run DSA welcomed everyone with a speech. Moreover, we did a bit of talking, then watched the first dance performance done by two grade 10 students and two student teachers. The audience was very cheerful and enthusiastic towards the dances and a few students joined the stage to dance as well! 

A while after the performances, everyone was served their Diwali dinner and soon after, there was a Q & A held and it was very engaging! Most importantly, all volunteers and guests loved the dance performances and the Q & A about Desi culture! 

What food did the guests love?

The thali, samosas and mango lassi were all very tasty and delicious. But, most of the student helpers liked the mango lassi and the guests loved both! The thali was liked by the student body as well, but the mango lassi was a major sell! 

Written by: Jashvini Thayakaran


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