We at Eye of the Storm were given the opportunity to interview Ms. Jadoon, one of the most important members of J. Clarke Richardson’s community. She has been instrumental in changing the school climate and improving school spirit to the highest levels it has ever been.

Richardson has seen rapid developments at the hands of Ms. Jadoon. Whether it’s staff engaging with students or fun events, due to her hard work, we have accomplished great things in establishing an amicable relationship between staff and students.

Here are the most important parts of our interview together!

How long have you been at J Clarke Richardson?

“Almost three years.”

Ms. Jadoon

Ms. Jadoon has been working and serving at Richardson for the past three years. She has created a large amount of change within the school community.

In a short period of time, she managed to broaden JCR’s social media presence as an instrument to reach the students and larger community. Her tenure of three years at Richardson has been nothing short of an absolute success.

“How did it feel when you first came to JCR”

When I came to the school, I was very impressed with how welcoming the staff and student body were, and with the diversity at the school.”

Ms. Jadoon

She is not just impressed with the diversity of the school but she has directly contributed to the diverse aspect of our school by assisting in culture-building events.

She has directly made the school a more welcoming place with her nice demeanour and positive attitude.

“What are some things that really stood out to you among the students and staff?”

When I came here, physically looking around it was very diverse, but the first thing I noticed when I arrived here almost three years ago was that there was a lack of communication between students and staff. there was a lack of communication between students and administration.

When there’s no communication, there’s no spirit, no pride.

That was my first goal, to start communicating with our students.

They voted on social media, specifically Instagram.

Ms. Jadoon
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Was your goal coming into this school that you wanted to increase school spirit?”

My goal was to increase school spirit when I arrived here because I shifted here three days before from my other job, so I didn’t know much about Richardson other than that it was diverse.

So when I came here I Immediately was like “the school spirit needs to be changed,” And without the support of the staff and students we WOULDN’T BE where we are today.

Ms. Jadoon

Clearly, her plans to change the school spirit were a massive success. Over the years she has given strong support to Student Government and rapidly changed the environment within our school.

Despite only having just transferred to her new post, she got to work quickly and with support from Mr. Maharaj and other staff & administrators, she was able to succeed in her vision.

Ms. Jadoon attributes a lot of the success she’s had to other people in our school community like Mr. Maharaj, the faculty and even some students as she believes that the plan to bring the school together was truly a holistic endeavour. We at Eye on the Storm are very grateful for her continued support and assistance to J. Clarke Richardson!