Massive horde of Easter bunnies spotted on Easter Island, now exterminated

On April 3rd, 2021, a horde of easter bunnies were spotted on Easter Island by a plane that was flying by the island and by the indigenous population. They were spotted gathered around several moai statues on the island, with several of them having big buckets filled with chocolate eggs inside. They seemed to be communicating with one another, although the locals could not understand what they were saying.

Moai statues

On the same day, a news reporter from BBC News tried to approach the horde of easter bunnies whilst dressed as one.Immediately after coming within six feet of the horde, each and every single one of the easter bunnies looked at the news reporter. They grabbed their chocolate eggs from their buckets and began throwing them at the news reporter. They began chanting to the news reporter to go away. Fortunately, the news reporter escaped the chaos alive, albeit with a bunch of chocolate all over their clothing and face.

On April 4th, 2021, the easter bunnies began a march towards Hanga Roa. They all went together, marching in small groups. They arrived at Hanga Roa at 12:30 PM local time, and witnesses to the invasion by the easter bunny army said that they began to egg houses, businesses and people. No one was safe, as everyone and everything was egged apparently – boats, children, women, seniors, even bicycles were hit with chocolate eggs. Fortunately however, no one was injured or killed in the invasion by the easter bunnies. Local law enforcement found themselves unable to detain the easter bunnies, as when they attempted to arrest some of them, the handcuffs would not fit, or would break if they somehow fit.

At 2:30 PM local time, the easter bunnies retreated from Hanga Roa and back to the several moai statues across the island. A helicopter from CNN followed closely, and as the easter bunnies got to their staging grounds, they began to magically conjure up more chocolate eggs. The footage taken by the pilot was seized by the Global Occult Coalition (GOC).

A GOC soldier fighting off an anomalous creature

On April 5th, 2021, the GOC deployed a task force and engaged the Easter bunnies in combat. Surprisingly, the bunnies fell easily to the GOC forces, as the vapourizing guns from the GOC disintegrated each and every single bunny, one by one. Now, there are no more Easter bunnies on Easter Island that will menacingly egg Hanga Roa again.