Put On Your Dancing Shoes!

Hey J. Clarke students! Have you been thinking about how fun the last JCR semi-formal was and hoping for another this semester, or have you never been to one? Well luckily for you, on March 11th J.C.R will be hosting a Neon Lights themed dance in the cafeteria. 

Co-prime minister Hajra Naeem, who is one of the students involved in the preparation of the dance, said that the students at J.C.R should attend, “because it is going to be really fun! It will be right before March break and this is a chance to start if off with a fun night.” According to Hajra, students can dress up in casual/white/neon clothes to glow in the dark. Twelfth grader Maureen Balathas attended last semester’s semi formal and believes that J.C.R students should go to the upcoming one because, “it’s a great way to have fun with your friends, and because it’s a few hours to let loose. It’s also not expensive and an easy way to have fun.” Fellow twelfth grade student Leteria Dorma, also attended last semester’s semi-formal and commented, “I liked the decorations because they always match up with the themes we have, I really liked how it was set up. People should go because it’s inexpensive. Get a bunch of your friends, dance, have fun, because you want to make high school a good experience.” So J.C.R students buy your tickets for March’s dance and you won’t regret it!