How to Stay Motivated for the New Semester

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Semester two has just begun and with a new semester brings new hopes: hopes to do better in classes; make new friends; and join more extracurricular activities. Many of us, however, seem to lose this hope and motivation in the second or third week of the semester. We all have goals but for some of us, achieving all of them may not be possible. Below are some essential tips on how to stay motivated for the whole semester and end the year off with a bang!

1. HAVE PRIORITIES AND SET GOALS:  Knowing what your priorities are and following through with them can make or break an academic career. Without knowing what is important to you as an individual and why, you will simply not care enough to make time for it. Identify the top three priorities in your life at the moment and set actionable goals to follow through with them. Doing so will encourage you to keep in mind the bigger picture and give you a way to act on those priorities. These priorities can range from academics to extracurricular activities, to even priorities for your social life.

2. BE ORGANIZED:  A disorganized student is a student who is ready to fail! Organization is a skill each and every successful student possesses. This skill can help in so many ways, and come exam or test time it will make studying much easier. Being organized will increase your productivity and you will feel more motivated to study and finish homework in a timely manner. If you are not organized, you will waste a lot of time simply looking for material instead of using that valuable time to actually get the task done.

3. ASK FOR HELP:  Teachers often offer extra help but many students do not take them up on this. This is primarily because students do not want to seem like they do not know the material to teachers, but throw that belief out the window. Teachers want to see you succeed and want to see you asking questions. A class with a lot of questions is much better than a class which is dead silent. To a teacher, one class seems engaged and interested in the material, while the other seems apathetic. Asking questions will clarify concepts and help you with understanding the material on a deeper level. It will also create a better relationship with the teacher, as they will see that you are a student who is serious about their learning.

That’s it for these tips! I sincerely hope they helped you and that you implement them in your life. Together, let’s make 2019 our year and achieve all our goals!