Articles by Shanika J.

Shanika Jeyakanthan is an imaginative twelfth grader who always has a very strong opinion on ordeals, and so, naturally, she joined Eye On The Storm to make sure that her voice is heard (and to write, of course). Shanika enjoys reading, eating Nutella, watching television, and she is also very fond of riding roller coasters.


Should We Send Donald Trump To The Sun?

Personally, I liked it better when I had only known Donald Trump as the guy who likes to fire people. Does Donald Trump really need an introduction?  You already know who he is.  There are so many things that I could say about him and yet he never fails to leave me at a loss…


Dear World: Educate Yourself, Change, and Move On

Over the course of November 2015, we have witnessed many tragedies.  There’s no point in sugar coating it; the world has reached one of its all time lows, and it sucks.  We started off the month strong by remembering our veterans on Remembrance Day; as for the rest of the month, this is where things…


Insurgent: A Review

As a fan of the Divergent books for a few years now, I must admit that the recent adaptation of Insurgent, the second novel of the series, has forced me to fall into a bottomless pit filled with complete sadness and utter despair.  With it’s completely different story-line than the novel and its almost humorous… Thursdays after school in the library. New Members Welcome Anytime!