Articles by Mitchell D.

Mitchell was a reporter with Eye On The Storm from 2012-2017 and served as a publisist. While at Eye On The Storm, Mitchell specialized in writting about local history as well as reporting on the school Musical each year. Outside of Eye On The Storm Mitchell Sings all over the GTA. Mitchell recently received The Queens Diamond Jubilee Metal as well as the Accessibility Volunteer Award form the Town Of Ajax. In 2016, Mitchell recieved the Liutenaunt Govenors Volenteer Pin for all his work in the community. Mitchell recently has started studying at Durham College taking Music Buissness. Mitchell hopes that current and future readers of Eye On The Storm will continue to enjoy his articles as much as he enjoyed writting them.


Top Ten Museums to visit in Toronto

Toronto – Toronto has some amazing museums spread out across the city. This past summer I made it my mission to try and visit every single one! Throughout my travels I ended up visiting 16 in total throughout the downtown core. For the most part they were all very interesting. Here is the Top Ten…


The History of Cullen Gardens and Miniature Village

You might not remember “Weill and Cullen Nurseries” or “Cullen Country Barns” but you might remember Cullen Gardens and Miniature village. Cullen Gardens was located in Whitby on the corner of Taunton Road and Cochrane Street and was founded in 1985. Cullen Gardens was a top tourist attraction for 25 years. Cullen Gardens officially closed… Thursdays after school in the library. New Members Welcome Anytime!