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Trending Ten of 2016: Sylvia Russell

J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate is full to the brim with extraordinary students with many different passions. The staff at Eye on the Storm has decided that these students deserve to be recognized for their hard work and talent.  Explore the lives of 10 exceptional students that are profiled here as part of our new series:…


Remembrance Day? What’s That?

BY:: Emilyanne Stocks and Lakshman Hariharan Over 66,000 Canadian soldiers gave their lives to fight in World War I so we could live our lives free from fear. More than 172,000 soldiers, sailors and airmen were wounded. The war lasted 4 years and ended in 1918 on the eleventh month of the eleventh day on…



Eye on the Storm interviewed our Head Teacher Librarian Ms. Andersen as she prepares to retire from teaching at the end of semester one. Ms. Andersen has recently been recognized as Teacher Librarian of the Year by the Ontario School Library Association. Eye on the Storm: How long have you been teaching? Mrs. Andersen: I… Thursdays after school in the library. New Members Welcome Anytime!