Articles by Alyssa W.

I am the editor in chief of the Eye On The Storm (J Clarke's newspaper). I am involved in other extracurriculars such as Arts Council, Library Helpers, Impact, Junior Concert Band and Senior Concert Band. I enjoy writing about politics, sports, reviews and school events.


Trending Ten of 2016: Mahjabeen Baig

J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate is full to the brim with extraordinary students with many different passions. The staff at Eye on the Storm has decided that these students deserve to be recognized for their hard work and talent.  Explore the lives of 10 exceptional students that are profiled here as part of our new series:…


DECA Regionals

On November 15, 2015, J Clarke Richardson’s DECA team attended the DECA regional competition at Sinclair Secondary School in Whitby Ontario and did exceedingly well. For those who do not know DECA stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America and it is an extracurricular program designed for secondary school students in Ontario to develop cultivate…


JCR Supports Liberals in Student Vote

I am sure that most people will agree that 2015 has been a very memorable year, but this article is not to discuss the tremendous victories of the Blue Jays. It is all about the historic federal election that took place on October 19th, 2015. At the beginning of the election campaign, according to the…


Universities Come to Richardson

On Thursday October 15, 2015, J Clarke Richardson Collegiate held its annual University Fair for students to explore various universities and programs. Approximately twenty universities from across the province came to J Clarke Richardson Collegiate. Each university has different features it offers that are appealing to future students such as the university campus environment, scholarships,…



Tic-tac-tao will be spoken of long after the 2015 IIHF World Junior Championship. It started when Coach Benoît Groulx said tic-tac-tao instead of tic-tac-toe a beautiful well-known goal scoring technique. While at first this mispronunciation was accidental it became a powerful mantra that kept the spirits and energy of the Canadian team throughout these games…. Thursdays after school in the library. New Members Welcome Anytime!