There’s Something Wrong With Wonderland

Welcome to the wonderful land of Alice a wonderful eerie land where the characters are all short-tempered, quiet and civilized. A land that the movie claims is not real and simply a figment of her imagination. A movie that was made by the same company that continues these stories that claims that wonderland or underland is absolutely true. Oh, and by the way, I am not going into the original stories that  Lewis Carroll wrote because I don’t like that man. Lewis and I? We ain’t buddies. We ain’t friends. I mean if you know a little bit about this man you know what I’m talking about. But yeah that’s what I call him because when you know you don’t like somebody you call them by their first name. Mr Lewis Carroll please don’t haunt me. The last place I want to go is Wonderland but yeah so which Disney is Wonderland real or is Alice just mad like the rest of everyone there? We may never get to know the real answer to this question. But one thing is for certain: Alice in Wonderland is a creepy movie to some people. Honestly I remember watching this movie as a child and I didn’t find it scary but some people did and probably some of these people’s brains blocked their memory of a movie like this. I feel like adults in the movie industry will take any chance to traumatize kids with movies like this.

Due to a simple accident Alice falls into a rabbit hole thinking she may fall to her doom but she doesn’t. Time seems to slow down and beside her there is a lamp and wooden chair and other furniture; even a mirror. Once she reaches the floor she is unwillingly surrounded by lots of doors which one should she take is it possible that each door could lead her into a different dimension?

Alice doesn’t seem to care though she simply wants to follow the white rabbit, this mysterious rabbit who is late for a mysterious event. But the door is locked shut while Alice is babbling on with the door. She finds a glass bottle with a note that has the words Drink Me so she does and she begins to shrink in size but now she is way too tiny to reach the key on the table yet again she finds this little treat that forms the words Eat Me. So she eats the treats but now she is way too tall to fit through the door. Okay this is kinda starting to sound like Goldilocks and the three bears but you see what I mean. Right, like it’s already very very creepy and we haven’t even gotten to the creepy part. Also you can’t tell me that she isn’t on drugs at the moment.

Anyways she sees the white rabbit again and yet again starts to follow the white rabbit into the woods but she loses it and she loses herself too. She is now lost in the woods and she’s not alone she encounters twin boys. Look twins are cute but twins in the forest that is not cute. That is scary and the creepiest part about these twins is they would not let her go. But let’s be honest it doesn’t really affect her because she is on drugs. In this story a walrus and a carpenter go out seeking for food and they encounter these oysters. But Alice is still on her journey and on her journey she meets a little blue caterpillar.

A blue caterpillar that does that puff puff stuff. Don’t do drugs. Anyways this caterpillar encourages her to take a bite of this mushroom and she does. She now has this mushroom in her system for the rest of this movie. The hallucinations only get worse from here. Hey, I’m not suggesting anything, I’m just pointing out the facts here. I mean she took some mushrooms, she ate them and now she is hallucinating. But those aren’t the only animals that she encounters. No no no. She meets yet another animal – the cheshire cat. This cat is one of the creepiest things in this entire movie. I mean one of the coolest but that smile my goodness he doesn’t stop smiling and he has so many teeth. I mean this is just a nightmare for little kids but it’s kinda cool.

Alright so let’s move on to the Mad Hatter. If you didn’t know the Mad Hatter was actually based on real people from that time period because back then hatters used to work with mercury and that ain’t a good thing to work with. They all got mercury poisoning and that’s what he has. Last but not least another creepy part about this movie is the Queen of Hearts. She literally sends people to their death by taking their heads off. She also sends everybody to chase Alice. If you ever had a nightmare like that that’s when you start to wake up in a puddle of your own sweat. So yeah that’s probably the creepiest part about this movie – being chased.