Heroes of Olympus Series – Review

If you’re looking to read a book series that is engaging to readers, with evolves fantasy-adventure and mystery all combined. This series is perfect for you! Here is a picture of the series:

Target Audience: 14+

What is the Heroes of Olympus series about?

The “Heroes of Olympus” series is one of the best examples of adventure books. Heroes of Olympus and the demigods in Camp Half blood merge together to follow the adventures of a new revolution, in order to protect the world from demons and monsters. This series is partially about the identities of all the heroes and the collaboration of the lightning thief – Percy Jackson and the son of Zeus – Jason. One of my favourite books from this series is “The Mark of Athena.” It focuses on Annabeth – daughter of Athena – and her Journey to retrieve the statue, “Athena Parthenos”. She hopes it will bring an end to the conflict between the Roman and Greek people.

Why should people read this book series?

From my point of view this is a great book that engages readers with its adventure and entertainment. You will cherish the characters and become attached to them very fast! Trust me, you will not be disappointed after reading this series. My favourite book from this series is the Heroes of Olympus “The Lost Hero.” It’s an intriguing and engaging way to bring readers into the story. The audience learns about the main characters, their backgrounds and full history. In this case, Jason – son of Zeus – lost his memory and wakes up on a bus in the mortal world, not knowing who anyone is. Later on, he figures out more about where is, who he is, while talking to demi-god kids- kids who are born under a specific god. But, this brings the big questions, what was the purpose of his memory being erased? How did his memory get erased?

How does this book benefit people?

This book is a great way to learn more about Roman and Greek mythology, the various gods of Olympus, the children of Olympus, their special capabilities and abilities, and the challenges they faced.

Overall Ratings for this Book: 

Eye on the Storm rating: 5 star

Student Ratings: 5 star


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