The New Console Generation: The PlayStation 5

The new year has arrived and with that follows the new releases of video games. This year, we get the release of Sony’s new console, the Playstation 5. With the start of this year, the current console generation between PlayStation and Xbox comes to an end bringing upon us the new generation. Both Sony and Microsoft teased us with the new release of both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X respectively and today in this article, I’m going to be talking about Sony’s newest console, the PlayStation 5. 

What we currently know about the PlayStation 5 is limited, but there are some things we have learned. The PlayStation plans on using an AMD chipset, which is a combination of both the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) to save space while also being able to have the power to run more graphically-demanding games. With this, Playstation will be able to run games at 8K as long as the TV supports it which is actually amazing because currently the PS4 Pro can only reach up to 4K. However, this affects the actual performance of the game dropping the frames per second from 60 to 30. One thing that Sony did differently this time around is their data management. Instead of using the good old hard drive to store and run games, Sony has instead decided to use the faster, smaller and more superior SSD to store data. This will allow games to load faster than ever before. No more one minute load times and always full space. With the SSD, users are able to have more control and faster load times.

There are some things that we still don’t know yet, but there have been speculations from many regarding these matters. For example, the actual design of the console hasn’t been shown and all we’ve seen is a very alien-like design coming from the developer kit that was given out. Luckily, Sony has come out to say that they are still designing a new model for the PlayStation 5 and we’re not going to be stuck with that horrible look. Another thing that has yet to be shown is the new controller. All we know is that with the release of the PS5 there is going to be another controller, but it’s design layout has yet to be shown. It has been speculated that Sony’s newest controller is going to be very similar to the dualshock 4, which is the most recent controller but everything is still up to be changed. Nothing has been set in stone and the designs of both the console and controller are still unknown. 

But there’s one thing we do know about the PlayStation 5 is that it’s going to be coming out this year around the holidays with specs much more powerful than the current generation and games much more amazing than they are now.