Terry Fox Run 2019

The 2019 Terry Fox run at J. Clarke Richardson was an exciting and lively event with students and teachers taking part in the community school walk. This was our school’s 18th year of doing the Terry Fox Run.  

As explained by “TerryFox.org”, at the young age of 18, Terry Fox was diagnosed with bone cancer and had to have his right leg amputated 15 centimetres (six inches) above the knee. He felt that no one should have to go through the pain that cancer brings and wanted to help those who were suffering. His plan was to raise money for cancer research by running across Canada. Along the way, people would see him, recognize his cause and donate money. Every day, Terry ran roughly 42 kilometres. After 143 days, Fox had no choice but to stop running when he was in Thunder Bay, Ontario because his cancer had returned. This time, it was in his lungs. He made it two-thirds of the way across Canada before he had to put an end to running.  

Furthermore referring to “TerryFox.org”, Terry’s run inspired and motivated Canadians to raise money and help him to achieve his mission. By February 1981, the Marathon of Hope had raised more than $24 million, just as Terry envisioned it would be. On June 28, 1981, Terry passed away. Despite not having the ability to make it across Canada, his Marathon of Hope did not end. More than 750 million dollars has been raised globally for cancer research in Terry’s name. 

Our school along with 8,500 other schools across Canada have raised money for cancer research. Each school has its own way of celebrating the legacy of Terry Fox, but together, we all play a role in finding a cure to cancer. A special thanks goes out to the Richardson Leadership group for hosting this special event. During the celebration, music was played, food was sold, and the numerous activities took place on the field. As said by many students and teachers, everyone had a great time and the event overall was full of fun! 

“I want to try the impossible to show that it can be done.” 

– Terry Fox