Cyrodraken Boreas – Canada’s Newest Discovery

The excitement of the Earth’s history has been reawakened this September with the discovery of an entirely new species of dinosaur in Canada’s very own Alberta. 

Fantasy, dinosaur, and reptile enthusiasts alike have been pouring over the news of the Cyrodraken Boreas, as the new pterosaur has been named for its resemblance and shared attributes to creatures found, until now, solely in myth and legend.

The most prevalent question in this case has been, “what is the Cyrodraken, and what does the name mean?”

The Cyrodraken, whose bones have been resting in known locations for three decades, has long thought to be another pterodactyl. When the bones were tested, however, paleontologists discovered that this is a new species on its own!

Thought to look like a flying dinosaur with a large head and neck, the newly discovered creature was named Cyrodraken Boreas, which means “”Frozen Dragon of the North Winds”, a title which represents both Canada and the mythical beings they are most associated with – dragons.

Overall, a new hope has been brought to those pondering if history has left anymore surprises for us. If you’re excited about the new discovery and wish to learn more about the Cyrodraken Boreas, an amazing article by National Geographic is posted below: