51 things to do in 2021

Photo by Polina Kovaleva from Pexels

Bucket lists are a great medium to document and motivate yourself on a concrete path to self-improvement throughout the year, and what’s a better start than refining your skills or diving right into a new hobby? It is easy to get lost among the wandering currents of society, but bucket lists are here to remind you of the things in life that are truly important to you.

1. For my art-addicts

  1. Try a new art medium.
    • It’s always a breather and good exercise to reach into a new field. 
  2. Keep a sketchbook 
    • Daily practices to anything really pays off in the long run
  3. Explore a new art style
    • Understanding how other artists perceive art can help you develop your own such as pop art, abstract expressionism, cubism, minimalism, etc.
  4. Study up on colour theory, composition theory, etc. 
    • Always important to study up on the fundamentals of art
  5. Get in contact with other artists via online 
    • Don’t be shy introducing yourself, the majority of artists are very nice!
  6. Learn calligraphy
    • Calligraphy is an art in itself, and it’s always good to retire a doctor’s handwriting!
  7. Relax with colouring books
    • Colouring books are not exclusively for children. If it’s something you enjoy doing, there’s no shame in it!
  8. Recreate iconic art pieces
    • It’s a good opportunity to study other artist’s techniques while adding your own spin to it!
  9. Join an art collaboration
    • Team-work makes the dream work and art is no exception.
  10. Do art challenges
    • Limitations and challenges push you to do better. Some fun challenges can be: limited colours, pen-only, or etc.

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2. For my musical-maestros

  1. Listen to a new genre of music
    • Exposing yourself to the unknown is always fun. What’s the worst that can happen anyways?
  2. Revisit an old instrument and start practising
    • Dust those bad boys off, and relive your memories of playing them.
  3. Make a playlist for all kinds of scenarios 
    • Need a playlist for studying, exercising, or crying over a really good book? Well now you can, with your own playlist!
  4. Study up on music theory
    • Modern music usually all follow some common ground. Learning this can be beneficial for picking up a new instrument.
  5. Casually stalk some musical artists you listen to on the internet
    • Connect a bit more with those music creators. What are their inspirations? What are their experiences? 
  6. Explore some foreign musical instruments
    • Many foreign instruments are beautiful, and unfortunately not so common in modern music.
  7. Expose yourself to foreign traditional music
    • Traditional music often varies greatly from country to country. What’s the loss in exposing yourself to more cultural diversity?
  8. Look into some online music lessons
    • Having a music teacher can provide guidance and direction if you’re looking for some professional advice.
  9. Reminisce in old songs
    • Put on some old songs from the 2000’s-2010’s and bask in your childhood glory!
  10. Search for a new music score and practice sight-reading
    • Sight-reading has always been rough. Now you can suffer less with practice! (practice makes perfect)

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3. For my culinary-connoisseurs

  1. Make hot chocolate!
  2. Explore new tea/coffee flavours
    • For those lovely people living off of caffeine instead of sleep, this is a good opportunity to branch out!
  3. Make dessert recipes
  4. Create a healthy diet plan
    • Having a balanced meal will improve your health and mood, that’s a two in one deal!
  5. Try new foods
    • Got any foods you’ve been meaning to try but never had the chance to? Well, now is the time!
  6. Explore foreign foods
    • Explore the diversity of culture through the convenience of your taste-buds.
  7. Make a meal for your family
    • Surprise your family by making them a full-course meal or a snack! (As long as no kitchens are burnt)
  8. Learn how to make pet-foods at home for your cute animal companions
    • There’s always something sweet about making special treats for your pets, plus you get to control exactly what goes in the meal! (Just make sure to not put any ingredients that could harm the animal in the food)
  9. Keep track of your foods/drinks intake
    • A great device to improve your dietary habits.
  10. Set reminders to drink water
    • Staying hydrated is important to your health, so make sure you’re drinking enough water. (No, pop drinks do not count as water)

Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels

4. For my literature-lover

  1. Keep a daily journal
    • It helps keep a tab of all the things you accomplished and did during a year, and allows you to reflect back on it by the end.
  2. Start some old classics
    • Classical books are often exceptional in delivering a crucial message to its readers. Many of those messages still apply to the modern world, and we could all take a little something away from it. Some places to start can be: To Kill a Mockingbird, Fahrenheit 451, Animal Farm, and etc.
  3. Try to write a book review
    • A great way to improve your understanding of the book whilst honing your writing skills!
  4. Explore some writing prompts
    • Feeling stuck when writing something? This is a great way to warm up your mind! 
  5. Start a book club! 
    • Discussing about a common book widens your horizon and understanding of the books. Perhaps someone will bring up an idea that’s new to you.
  6. Write Poetry
    • Poetry is one of the best mediums to express yourself. It’s a great method to understand not only yourself, but also provides a deeper understanding of each individual word.
  7. Revisit some of your old books
    • As you gain more experience through life, your perspectives and understanding of certain books and the issues they present may begin to shift. Each time, the message the pages bring to you may change.
  8. Learn about classic literature in other countries
    • It’s interesting to see the cultural differences and similarities through the mediums of foreign literature. This is a great way to discover other cultures and shape your view to be more diverse.
  9. Write your own dictionary of new words you learned!
    • What’s a better way to keep track of your newly learnt vocabularies than a homemade dictionary?
  10. Organize your book stash
    • Does your book collection resemble the aftermaths of a grand sale? If yes, it’s time to start reorganizing them! You can organize them by genres, authors, colours, or whatever your heart desires!

Photo by Marta Wave from Pexels

5. For everyone

  1. Make a gratitude journal
    • It’s easy to be blind to the love and the little things in life in our busy lives. Keeping a gratitude journal reminds us of the happy things in life, and allows us to take a moment to thank them.
  2. Take a long, relaxing bath
    • What’s a better way to chill than submerging yourself in the warm water while playing some relaxing music?
  3. Do a puzzle
    • A great way to spend some time alone, and just relax.
  4. Do indoor workout routines/Yoga
    • Watch yourself shine after moving and stretching your body. You will also feel revitalized after it.
  5. Meditate
    • Many meditation techniques are excellent ways to de-stress and reorganize your breathing and thoughts. 
  6. Start skin-care routines
    • A skin-care treatment to your face is often relaxing. One of my personal favourite is the sheet mask (a great way to end my day with)
  7. Clean out/organize your personal space
    • A proper setup influences and communicates your mood and purpose about a room, thus it’s important to keep your environment the most comfortable for you. One of my favourite examples of this is by Marie Kondo.
  8. Reconnect with friends
    • Remember those buddies you had during elementary? What’s a better way to revisit some of your good old times than to reconnect with them?
  9. Watch those movies/anime you never got around to do
    • Have you got a list of films you’ve been meaning to watch but never started? Well, now is a great time to!
  10. Go for a breath of fresh air
    • After being cooped up in the house due to quarantine, it’s important to open a couple of windows or go for a short walk alone.

Lastly, make a bucket list of your own.