CLUB SPOTLIGHT: Not Today Mental Health

On Friday the 13th, the Not Today Mental Health Club at JCR held their first meeting. It was run by its two vice-presidents, Zaima Alam and Sofia Ngan, and Amrita Rampersaud, its president. The club meets every Friday in Room 3302, and is run by Mr. Bell,  Ms. Thompson, and Ms. Lauzon.

What does Not Today do? 

During the meeting, the vice-presidents spoke about their focus for the year, spreading awareness, and fundraising for events. Within the school they focus on human wellness, negating stress, and breaking stigma. They also spoke to us about how meetings are run, and some of the highlights are snacks, relaxation tasks, and brainstorming. 

A poster advertising Not Today.

Attendance is also completely up to you, as the purpose of the club is to help reduce stress. Participation in events or public events is optional, and they work to find a role for everyone so that they’re comfortable. They also welcome new members year-round!

From the very first meeting, I could already feel the very warm and inclusive environment. As stress relievers, we were all given small squishies at the end of the meeting, which definitely brightened up my weekend!

An interesting background story as to how the club formed its name; Not Today, was actually formed due to a famous K-Pop star’s (Kim Jong-Hyun) sudden suicide, and the large impact that he had on last year’s grade 12 students.  If that doesn’t serve as proof that Not Today is for everyone, I don’t know what will!

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Featured photo courtesy of @jcrstorm