Tim Horton’s: Justin Bieber’s Timbiebs Review!

Tim Hortons collaborated with the pop star Justin Bieber in creating three new Timbit flavours. Starting on November 29th Tim Hortons restaurants in Canada and the U.S released the limited edition Justin Bieber’s Timbiebs Timbits.

These timbits are three new flavours!

Tim Hortons teams up with Justin Bieber to launch Timbit flavours called ' Timbiebs' | CBC News
(Left to right)

Sour Cream Chocolate Chip, Chocolate White Fudge, Birthday Cake Waffle

These flavours were developed by Justin, Chef Tallis Voakes, and the Tim Hortons Director of Culinary Innovation.

Review Time!

Chocolate white fudge

I decided to start off with Chocolate White Fudge because I love chocolate and it deserves to go first.

My opinion

My first thought when I had the Timbit was that it tasted like an original chocolate glaze Timbit. To me, the only difference was the nice crunch of the white fudge outside. It goes well with the chocolaty insides. Also, I wouldn’t call it white fudge — I’d say it’s more like white chocolate bits all over the Timbit. However, even if it’s awfully close to the original chocolate glaze Timbit I really like it. This flavour is getting a 10/10. I honestly would eat a whole box of these.


Birthday cake waffle

The second timbit is the Birthday Cake Waffle. Now, I like the original birthday cake Timbit but I’m intrigued by how they would implement waffles into the mix. I was hoping it tasted different.

My Opinion

When I took the first bite it was pure birthday cake. I didn’t get any taste of waffle which is what I predicted. But I plucked the “waffle” bits off of another timbit and ate the bit just by itself and that’s when it started to taste like a waffle. It tasted like bits of a waffle were covered in the birthday cake glaze and glued on the birthday cake Timbit. It would have been better to have the waffle bits inside the Timbit and not just the outside. When eating the Timbit whole the waffle flavour gets lost because the Birthday Cake Timbit is so strong and overpowering you don’t realize that there was another flavour added. In general, it gets a 5/10


Sour Cream Chocolate Chip

My Opinion

Last but not least we have the Sour Cream Chocolate Chip. Before even thinking about womping these off I have to say that the outside of the Timbit is really cool to look at. In my box of Timbits, the chocolate chips were everywhere all over the Timbit. They were not stingy about how much they put on it. It almost covers the whole Timbit. From the looks of it, they put both white and chocolate chips on the Timbit. The fact that they weren’t limited about what types of chocolate they wanted to use is pretty fun.

Now for how it tasted…

I took a bite where there were lots of chips. It was the complete opposite from my birthday cake waffle. The Timbit tasted like a vanilla Timbit at first with chocolate behind it until its sour cream flavour hit me. What I like about this one is that the sour cream flavour isn’t overpowering. It had a good balance between the flavour of the Timbit and the add-on. There was a way better and bigger crunch than the chocolate white fudge that again went great with the soft middle of the Timbit. Overall I give this Timbit a 7/10.


Tasting these were really fun! Good on Justin for making this collaboration come true, I honestly didn’t see this coming and was quite surprised when it was announced

My favourite was the Chocolate White Fudge with the rating of (10/10)

Sour Cream Chocolate Chip came in second with the rating of (7/10)

Third place was the Birthday Cake Waffle with the rating of (5/10)

Surprisingly this collaboration didn’t just stop at Timbits.

Justin Bieber and Tim Hortons also came up with merch to go along with it.

There are three pieces of merch that are available: A cozy beanie, a fanny pack, and a tote bag.

Personally, I really want the beanie and the fanny pack (I never had a fanny pack before so having this as a first would be amazing)

The last thing about this collaboration is that Tim Hortons is also giving guests a chance to win a trip to see Justin live in concert and is organizing an auction of merchandise autographed by Justin that will benefit the Tim Hortons Foundation Camps.

if you are registered for the Tim’s Rewards membership you can enter a contest for a chance to win a grand prize with a trip to see Justin in a concert. To gain an entry for the contest you have to scan your Tim’s Rewards in the restaurant or place a mobile order in the Tim Horton’s app when purchasing a Timbiebs 10-pack.

If you are interested in this contest go to the website http://timhortons.ca/timbiebs-promotion For more information.

Good luck to anyone that decides to compete and definitely try these Timbits for yourself. Consider using the Tim’s rewards as they

are very useful for more than just this contest.

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