The Prime Ministers!

Eye on the Storm recentpmly had a chance to sit down with our school’s Student Government Prime Ministers, Hajra Naeem and Chankalee Samarasinghe. The two students were more than happy to answer our questions after one of their weekly Monday meetings.

EYE ON THE STORM: What were your previous positions in Student Government?

Samarasinghe: Well we were both grade nine representatives when we started out, and I went on to be a grade 10 representative as well. After that I ran for Minister of Spirit in grade eleven and I got the position!
Naeem: I took a break in grade ten and went on to run for Minister of Community Relations for grade eleven. So glad I came back!

EYE ON THE STORM: What are some short and long-term goals you have for this school year?

Naeem: Our long-term goal is to improve our Student Council, which is a club we run aside from Student Government that is open to all students. We just started this initiative last year so it’s been a little rough but we’re hoping to make it run more smoothly.
Samarasinghe: We also really want to raise school spirit this year within Richardson. We felt really successful after the Buyout we ran alongside R.A.C. and Arts Council because so many people came out and the school really came together. I think continuing to have school spirit increased is something we really want out of this school year.

EYE ON THE STORM: Are there any other clubs at the school that you are a part of?

Samarasinghe: I’m a part of Student Council, Senior Concert Band, Clarinet Choir, the Contemporary Dance Team and DECA alongside Student Government.
Naeem: I’m 100% dedicated to Student Government and Student Council only.

EYE ON THE STORM: We’ve noticed that Student Government members are always very enthusiastic and hyped all the time. How do you keep members motivated and happy to be a part of the club?

Samarasinghe: I feel like Student Government is just its own little family. We’re all so close to each other and we really want the best for the school so it gets portrayed through our events in the cafeteria and just on general school days.
Naeem: Honestly, we start bonding from the very start of the school year and that brings in the motivation, happiness and whatever else we need to get things done effectively.

EYE ON THE STORM: Describe a time where you were happy to be a part of Student Government.

Naeem: We’ve genuinely enjoyed all of it. Even through all of the stress and hard times we’ve managed to make everything into a good time and stay positive.
Samarasinghe: I agree, I feel like even when things go wrong we manage to get through it as a group and make improvements where they’re needed. We really are a family and we always have a good time together so I can’t really name one moment in particular.

EYE ON THE STORM: Toronto Maple Leafs or Ottawa Senators?

Naeem: I’m not a huge fan of sports but I’m just going to go with Toronto because it’s closer to us.
Samarasinghe: I’m also not into sports at all but I’m a proud Torontonian so Leafs all the way!

EYE ON THE STORM: Hockey or Soccer?

Samarasinghe: I’m going to go with soccer because the players are all really attractive.
Naeem: Can I say cricket? Is that an option? I hate sports.

EYE ON THE STORM: Hollywood or Bollywood?

Naeem: Bollywood! I’m a full on fob, don’t even get me started on my favourite movies.
Samarasinghe: Hollywood all the way. I like to think of myself as a cocunut: brown on the outside, white on the inside!

EYE ON THE STORM: You’re stranded on a desert island, three things you would take with you?

Samarasinghe: My future husband, a box set of the Mindy Project and nice clothes. That’s all I need from life.
Naeem: I would take my bed, my Bollywood movies (I’m going to pretend there’s going to be TV provided at the island) and chocolate!

EYE ON THE STORM: If you were to go on Canada’s Got Talent, what would your talent be?

Naeem: Sounding like a horse! I can actually make myself sound like a legitimate horse, listen!
[She then proceeded to make herself sound like a horse. I’m not sure whether I’m amused or scared at how real it sounded.]
Samarasinghe: I would probably dance since that’s something I’ve been doing for a long time now.

EYE ON THE STORM: If there was a movie created about your life, who would play you, why and what genre would it be?

Naeem: It would be a Corny-Romantic-Sappy Bollywood movie, no question. And I’d be played by Kajol because people say I look like her and she’s my favourite actress. Biggest compliment ever!
Samarasinghe: Mine would be a rom-com, because what girl doesn’t love rom-coms? I would probably be played by Mindy Kaling because she’s really funny and I relate a lot to her or Jessica Alba with A LOT of bronzer on.

EYE ON THE STORM: Awesome, thanks for answering our questions girls! Good luck with everything you work on this year.

Both: Awww, no problem! And thank you!

There you have it, Richardson, your Student Government Prime Ministers!  By the sound of this interview, we’ll be sure to have a great school year.  Make sure if you see these girls in the halls, you say hi!  And if you agree with anything they’ve said or have any questions or requests for them, feel free to let them know.  The Student Government is currently working on our first Semi Formal in which they will be collaborating with Much Music (woah!!) and a few other smaller projects. Be sure to check out the board beside their room for upcoming events!