Storm Spooktacular Week

It’s that time of year again! Spooky ghosts, stringy webs, scooping out the goo from pumpkins, and the hard choice of picking a costume. Its Halloween! After finally being able to be in person after living in a pandemic J Clarke Richardson´s student government team knew 2021 Halloween had to be the best spirited week of all time! So they planned out a whole week of spooktacular spirit days and here is how it went. 

On Monday 25th, students participated in ¨Wacky hat and hairstyles day¨. Students came to school with their favourite wacky hats, wacky creations, and wacky hairstyles. Aside from spirit wear, the Scavenger hunt for the week had officially started on Monday. Students were encouraged to scan QR codes found around the school leading to a google form to find their first task! The task for Monday was to find monsters on the walls of each floor. 

On Tuesday 26th, students participated in ¨Flannel day¨. Students came to school with their favourite flannels best fitting for fall! Continuing the Scavenger hunt for the week, Tuesday’s task was to find our school Mascott stormy! 

On Wednesday 27th, students participated in ¨Halloween Accessories day¨. The student body continued their Halloween spirit wearing all sorts of Halloween-themed accessories including necklaces, headbands, shirts, hats, bracelets, etc. The Scavenger hunt task for Wednesday was to find pumpkins hidden on each floor. 

On Thursday 28th, students joined the spirit of ¨Black out day¨. Continuing the Halloween Spirit the student body wore all black to continue the week. As the Scavenger hunt comes to an end the task for Thursday was to fill out riddles found in the google form! 

Lastly on Friday 29th, as a school, J Clarke Richardson celebrated Halloween with their best costumes. Grade 10s, grade 11s, and student government helped decorate the school to enjoy the full feel of Halloween! For the last day of the scavenger hunt students were encouraged to find specific teachers wearing costumes as well as their grade representatives for bonuses.