Pink Shirt Day – J Clarke Richardson

February 24, 2021

Pink Shirt Day

On February 24th, around the globe, we all wear Pink Shirts to show our support against bullying. 

About Us — Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day began in Canada in 2007, when two students, David Shepherd and Travis Price, took a stand against homophobic bullying after a student was harassed and threatened for wearing pink. One reason we wear pink is to break the stereotype of “Pink is a girl colour”.

Students David Shepherd and Travis Price - Changed the World With Pink -  InspireMyKids

On Pink Shirt Day, the J Clarke Richardson community showed their school support by wearing pink to school. Both students and teachers came to school on February 24th and 25th wearing pink. 

“I wear pink because I want to give a voice to those who don’t have one” stated Bryana. “I wear a pink shirt because I stand up against bullying”, stated Nicolette. “I wear a pink shirt because I want to raise awareness about bullying and stand up for what’s right and show people that they are not alone”, said Diya Vyas.