Food Drive

On November 17th, our school, J Clarke Richardson, hosted its official food drive. They worked with Feed the Need Durham to collect items to help those in need. During these times especially, Richardson’s help was welcome.

Student Government hosted the food drive from November 17th until December 11th. They encouraged students with posters, videos, and prize incentives. Student government first began to go to local stores and get boxes to put in each class to store all the items in. To bring on the holiday festive spirit they wrapped the boxes in Christmas wrapping paper. Each box was placed in a classroom for students to drop off their items. In order for teachers to encourage their students to bring in items, they set an incentive such as bonus marks and free time.

At the end of the food drive, our school collected over 1200 items. Feed the Need was very grateful.

¨Your food drive donations weighed in at 800 lbs which equates to approximately 667 meals for our neighbors in Durham facing food insecurity,” communicated Feed the Need to Student Government. “Congratulations on making a difference and thank you so much for helping us to nourish our community.¨

The school community should be happy that we could help and make a difference in the lives of many in Ajax and Durham.