A Guide to Guidance: An Interview with Ms. Pearson

J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate has been the foundation of education for hundreds of students and a place for individuals to discover where their future lies. The people who provide guidance and assistance are well-known throughout the school but the following interview will shed light on the role of guidance counselor and provide an introduction to Grade Ten Counselor, Ms. Pearson.

Do you mind providing us with a brief introduction of yourself?
My Name is Ms. Pearson and I have worked at J. Clark Richardson for over fifteen years. I began as a grade nine geography teacher and did a little grade ten careers as well as grade 11 traveling and tourism. I’ve been in my role of guidance for the last 8 years now.

What is the main purpose of guidance counselors in our school?
Guidance counselors are such a large part of school; there are many different aspects to the job.

One of the main roles we cover in-class is going around and talking to students about course selection and post-secondary prerequisites, as well as details regarding considerations for university, college, or trade programs. So basically delivering general information on which careers are out there and what courses we have for various occupations.

We also monitor student marks and grades to identify fails so that we may find out what’s happening with individual students, touch base with them, their family, teachers, their VP, and come up with a plan to support the student and aid them in passing their credits.

Another role for guidance is being there as someone for students to talk to when life gets rough, about things out of an individual’s control, and for them to have a listening ear. We want to get the right resources for students who need help in countless different fashions.

What would you say is the most common reason students come to guidance?

The most common reason students come to guidance for a meeting is anything from not knowing what to do in terms of a career to which life path options you should consider.

The concerns change each year, and since I’m with you from grades nine to twelve, I know it can start from wanting to know which occupation is perfect for you to needing to select grade 11 prerequisites, and selecting post-secondary programs or getting experience within a chosen field.

But many students come to guidance seeking help with various problems, stressers, and anxiety.

How do you book an appointment with your guidance counsellor?

To book an appointment you may come into guidance and see Ms. Hobbs or the guidance secretary, then simply request to book an appointment, and you will receive a slip to show your teacher when you need to be excused from class. It is a very simple process that may be completed before, during, or after school.

What is something that has inspired you that you want to share with all students?

What inspires me is that I know what the end of the road from high school looks like, so I know that I’m going to see you cross that stage, cap and gown, and i know that you’re going to shake hands with the VP and take photos. I know the end results and that’s what inspires me to continue on, and I know you’ll be excited and ready for the next chapter.

What are your music interests?

In high-school, I listened to a lot of hip-hop and R&B. Those were my two prime go-getters back in high school. But as I have gotten older I’ll say that I still enjoy the 90’s music, but also all genres now. It kind of reminds me of my youth.

Do you prefer books or movies?

I would definitely prefer movies. For sure.

What is your favourite movie genre?

For me, I hate horror and anything scary. Riverdale was too much. But I would say I love British movies. If it was set in Britain, it doesn’t matter the genre. Just British movies. I love the accent and the culture.

If you could travel back in time to live in any era, which would it be?

That is a really good question. I never really had a favorite era, but I love travelling. It would more be travelling through the eras and seeing it from the outside perspective. But I don’t have a favourite era that I would want to travel to before any other.