Procrastination is something almost every single person does, especially students. Students tend to put off tasks and assignments until the very last minute for many reasons, whether it’s being lazy or being busy. Procrastination then leads to an all-nighter, and the student does not showcase their best. Here I have found a few tips to help you not procrastinate and get a good night’s sleep. 🙂

  • Create a schedule/to-do list: By creating a visible schedule/ to-do list, you can see everything you need to do and when it’s due. This way you can give priority to whatever has to be done first and can also work on things due later if you have nothing to do at the moment. This not only helps you get your task done on time but, also makes you feel accomplished seeing things done on your list.
  • Change your environment: Specifically for schoolwork, have a designated space for you to work on homework. This place should not necessarily be comfortable as you want to get your work done, not sleep. this can be a desk, dining table, etc. The worst place to do your homework is on your bed, as you are more likely to sleep and put your work off.
  • Get rid of distractions: While working, it’s best to get rid of any distractions. Things like your phone, t.v, laptop, etc, should be far away from you when working. This way your focus is on your work and you will not get sidetracked with anything else. Many people like watching t.v. while doing homework, I myself have also done it. However, if you do, you will not be concentrating and probably won’t do your best!
  • Set simple goals: Many students tend to procrastinate because they find the specific assignment intimidating or hard. When you set small achievable goals, it’s simple to finish the work and when you are stuck on something, there is still time to ask your teacher for clarification. Whereas, if you work on it the day before, there is no time to ask your teacher for help and you may end up doing something wrong.
  • Break your work into little steps: When you get assigned an assignment and you’ve got weeks to finish, you shouldn’t work on it the day before. Instead, you should start the assignment the day you got it and do a little bit every day. When doing this, you will probably be done before the due date and can edit it to make it your best work.