Cheese Review 👏👏: Nazareth Royal

My friends and I recently got inspired to write a cheese review on the more expensive and exclusive cheeses that exist in this world. Not your standard run-of-the-mill cheddar, mozzarella or Swiss cheese. Instead we went to a dedicated cheese shop called ‘Country Cheese’ and there we got a plethora of different cheeses. We tried each one out separately to get a full understanding of the cheese’s flavour. In this column, I will be reviewing a sweet, creamy Belgium cheese: The Nazareth Royal.

Before we start tasting, the palette cleanser is one of the most important steps. It cleanses the palette to allow a fair tasting so that the previous taste does not ruin the current sampling. I used sparkling to water to cleanse my palette. It’s simple and does the job well allowing a fresh restart for a fair tasting.

The Nazareth Royal is a very simple looking cheese, similar to the common yellow cheddar cheese but with a lighter complexity and a firm/hard texture. It does contain some holes that give it unique look and taste. As for it’s smell, it’s definitely different compared to everyday cheese. It has mild spread, but a strong smell that is mostly sweet and creamy and you can really tell how well the smell reflects the taste.

The cheese’s taste is very mild compared to many of the other cheeses I tried but even though it did have a mild taste, it still felt different and very strong when I first tried it. At first bite, it’s firm texture is consistent and gives waves of satisfaction. Its’ sweet and creamy taste helped supplement the overall feel of the first bite. It is smooth, creamy, and soft, yet firm, having a strong milky taste coming after the initial bite giving it’s taste more depth. As for the aftertaste, it wasn’t too strong, and that was something I liked. The mild aftertaste has a sweet and creamy overtone which felt strange at first, but after felt soothing, light and overall enjoyable.

In conclusion, the Nazareth Royal is a very light and mild cheese that compliments it’s appearance and smell quite well. It gives off a light, creamy and smooth look that really shows after your first bite. Overall, I liked the Nazareth Royal as it wasn’t too strong and it’s mild taste helped me truly understand the culture behind this cheese-tasting life that really surprised me. It had a firm texture with smooth and creamy taste that I found overall, quite enjoyable.