5 Things To Do Over March Break

Since COVID-19 numbers are going down and the government is opening up more things, here are 5 things to do if you no idea what to do.

1. Spend time with family:

Since school is out for a week and you may have not been able to spend time with family now’s a perfect time to spend time with your loved ones. Maybe some bonding times with them or just some fun times to spend and make new memories is in order.

2. Going on a walk

A walk can clear your mind if you’re stressed about school and stuff. It’s high school and it’s now semestered so more homework! It also helps with your mental health and it helps you focus on you.

3. Sleep

No one gets enough sleep because of school. Sleep also helps you reset your brain and helps you get the rest of sleep you missed from school starting really early. Yes it may reset your sleep schedule but everyone needs that extra 10 hours of sleep a day right?

4. Read

Reading helps you escape reality and go into a new world. Maybe you could discover a new book or a new interest? This could help you with your writing and help you get away from something that could bother you and maybe discover a new book genre you like.

5. Spring clean

March Break is so close to spring so it makes sense to clean before school starts again so we can focus on school rather than dirty rooms or kitchens. Maybe you can find something you and your family could reflect on what you found. Maybe it’s something you have been looking for for a while.

I hope those five things are something you can be productive with over the one week away from school 🙂