A Turning Point

    In school, Xavier was a model student. He was the pride and joy of his parents. Xavier loved school and participated in a variety of extracurricular activities and sports. His parents were ecstatic about him. Xavier was living the life of a typical adolescent. Xavier’s 13th birthday is tomorrow, and the family was getting ready for his party. Xavier’s mother and father went to pick up the cake. As they went to go pick up the cake, an unfortunate event occurred. 

When Xavier heard the news, he screamed. He locked himself inside his room, tears streaming down his face, as the police officers broke the bad news to him that his parent had passed away due to a car crash. The officers repeatedly asked Xavier to accompany them, but Xavier refused; he denied their offer, but the officers were demanding.

Xavier followed the officers into the cop car and off he went, not knowing where he was going. They came to a halt at an orphanage. “An orphanage?” exclaimed Xaiveir, perplexed. “What am I doing here?” The officers informed him that he would be staying here for the time being until a family could be found. Xavier was too exhausted to continue arguing, so he stormed inside.

When he entered, he was surprised to see how many children of various ages were present. They all appeared to be a happy family. They assigned him a room upstairs after the receptionists all greeted him and he began to feel welcomed. When Xavier entered the room, he was greeted by another boy of his age. They got along smoothly. 

Days flew by quickly at the orphanage, after spending six months there, Xavier was finally about to get adopted. Xavier looked extremely anxious and didn’t want to go. When Xavier’s roommate asked why he was anxious and not excited that he was going to get adopted he replied with “well, you see, in movies how adopted kids are treated.” His roommate chuckled.

“Are you seriously believing those movies?”

“Trust me, you are going to be fine.”

Xavier understood that he shouldn’t believe movies but he was still scared as the day he would get adopted was quickly approaching.

It was the night before Xaiver was supposed to move in with his new family, and he couldn’t sleep. He got up early to make sure he didn’t forget anything and packed his bag. It was at this point that his adopted family arrived to pick him up. He was taken aback because they had been extremely nice to him and had a son who was a few years younger than him. Xavier was stunned when he saw their car.

It was a massive limousine. There were lights, music, and even a television in the limousine. He couldn’t wait to see what their house would look like if their car had already taken on this appearance. He was shook when he arrived at the house. It was enormous. He walked in and immediately made himself at home. His new family was also very accommodating. He was taken aback. He recognized how fortunate he is to have this family.