An Inside Look into the Trivia Team!

Do you have obscure hobbies? Fall down long winded internet rabbit holes? Scour Wikipedia articles that detail little-known historical events? Or is there a topic you know quite a bit about? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, test your knowledge at Richardson’s trivia club! From Manitoba’s geography to 90s rappers, trivia can ask you anything and everything, from the nichiest subject matter to general knowledge. If this piqued your curiosity then this article, and Reach for the Top, is right for you.

A Look into a Meeting…

On November 21st, like on every Tuesday, members of the trivia club met in the library seminar room at lunch for a round of trivia. Questions ranged in subject matter, including Canadian Cities and famous last names. Members were gathered at a table with one person at the head, reading out the provided questions and acting as a timer. The table is split into two sides, one being team A and the other being team B. In a regular round, to attempt to answer questions, you would be given a buzzer, but at the moment the machine is broken and awaiting repairs. However, there are also special rounds, such as the 40 point team question. If you answer the given question correctly, your team gets the remaining questions, the topic of these questions being whatever the answer was for the question you previously answered.

Pop Quiz!

If you’re interested in example questions that would be asked in a typical meeting, why not quiz yourself right now?

Freetown is the capital of what African country?

What last name is shared by an American president and British prime minister, both of the 20th century?

Answers at the end of the article…

An Insiders Look…

The Trivia Team offers a fun and comfortable environment to share your own knowledge and learn alongside others. When asked what they like about the team, Abem says, “I love trivia. One of the things I love about trivia is I get to implement my knowledge from pop culture, sports, entertainment, literature etc. in a creative outlet.”

“In general, it’s just fun,” added Tharun, another team member. “You can just chill during lunch, have fun and grow your mind.”

An Interview with Trivia Team Captain, Deo…

The following is an interview with Trivia Team Captain, Deo. It includes more personal insight into the club, a look into competition season, and some advice for those that still may be wary of joining.

Why did you join trivia?

I’ll be honest, I joined trivia because I had an older role model. She’s graduated now, but it was something I was really interested in, and she got me to join. I joined in grade 11 last year. I think I’ve always been suited for trivia because I think fast, and I know a lot of useless facts from watching documentaries and reading books. 

What does a typical club meeting look like?  

Closer to the competitions we have more formal meetings, focussing on etiquette, time, and strategizing. Our more casual meetings, we take out the buzzers, and we have a student or a teacher asking questions, and we go through a variety of questions, answering them as well or as quick as we can. 

Moving forward, the club will have a competitive and casual section. Can you talk more about that?

The reason why we have that arrangement is because trivia is supposed to be a fun and miscellaneous club, sharing knowledge they’ve accumulated over the years. However, we can only take 6 members for competition, so we can have a well rounded and knowledgeable team. 

When does competition season start, and how does it work?

It starts at around February or March. Last year it was early spring and we went to Ajax High. Most schools bring one team but the host school brings two. It consists of 4 or 5 rounds, depending on scheduling. It usually lasts until 6:30pm.

A lot of people might not be particularly confident in their academic abilities, which is holding them back from joining. What do you have to say about that?

The thing about trivia is that it’s not about intelligence, it’s more about having a large bank of knowledge you can pull from. When I first started, I wasn’t very good. But there’s one thing to remember- you don’t lose points if you get a question incorrect, so if no one’s gonna answer, there’s no harm in trying. Another thing, Reach for the Top trivia covers a wide range of topics, so you’ll find a few questions that cater to your interests.

If you’re thinking about joining, the club is always open to new members, especially grade 9s and 10s to fill their junior ranks. Have fun testing your skills alongside your peers and showing off all that useless knowledge you gathered watching a four hour video essay on YouTube! 

Now, as promised, the answers to the above questions and some other relevant information:

Google Classroom Code: pmrkmpd

Room number: Meetings are Tuesdays at lunch in the Library Seminar Room. Yes you can bring your food!

Freetown is the capital of what African country?

Sierra Leone

What last name is shared by an American president and British prime minister, both of the 20th century?

Wilson (U.S President Woodrow Wilson was in office from 1913-1921 and British Prime Minister Harold Wilson was a Member of Parliament during the mid 60s and early-mid 70s)