WWE Day 1 2022 Results: Winners And Personal Opinions

Hello everyone, my name is Abem, and as a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment, also known as W.W.E, I decided that to commemorate the first-ever pay-per-view to ever take place on New Year’s Day, I should write a review about every match taking place on that night. 

For a bit of background information, this pay-per-view will showcase matches that have been intensifying in action and drama for the past few months ever since Survivor Series 2021, Crown Jewel, or throughout 2021. Unfortunately, because of this past week’s COVID scare, all fans were worried about whether or not this event would occur. This lead to the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns being unable to compete as he, unfortunately, caught COVID. As he is immunocompromised, I wish him all the best and a well and healthy recovery. Get well soon Tribal Chief!

WWE Day 1 2022 Match Card: 

  • MAIN EVENT: Brock Lesnar Vs. Seth Rollins Vs. Bobby Lashley Vs. Kevin Owens Vs. Big E – Fatal Five Way – WWE Championship
  • Edge Vs. Miz – Singles Match 
  • Liv Morgan Vs. Becky Lynch – Singles Match – RAW Women’s Championship
  • New Day Vs. The Usos – Tag Team Match – Smackdown Tag Team Championships 
  • Drew McIntyre Vs. Madcap Moss – Singles Match
  • RK-Bro Vs. The Street Profits – Tag Team Match – RAW Tag Team Championships
  • PRESHOW: Cesaro and Ricochet Vs. Ridge Holland and Sheamus – Tag Team Match 

Monday Night RAW Ratings – November 29th – December 27th, 2021

  • November 29th, 2021 – 1.679 Million Viewers
  • December 6th, 2021 – 1.6 Million Viewers
  • December 13th, 2021 – 1.574 Million Viewers
  • December 20th, 2021 – 1.553 Million viewers
  • December 27th, 2021 –  1.592 Million Viewers

Friday Night Smackdown Ratings – November 26th – December 24th, 2021

  • November 26th, 2021 – 2.149 Million Viewers
  • December 3rd, 2021 – 2.03 Million Viewers 
  • December 10th, 2021 – 2.142 Million Viewers
  • December 17th, 2021 – 2.213 Million Viewers 
  • December 24th, 2021 – 1.972 Million Viewers 

PRESHOW: Cesaro and Ricochet Vs. Ridge Holland and Sheamus – Tag Team Match

Winner: Sheamus and Ridge Holland via pinfall

Grade: B-

This rivalry between Cesaro and Sheamus has been progressing really well. I enjoyed their time as The Bar, but being singles competitors is still an amazing feat for both wrestlers. In my personal opinion, the build-up to this match was really good, but the question is, where did Ricochet come from? He is a good competitor and all, but wasn’t he just fighting to be in the Intercontinental Championship picture a few weeks ago? But I must say that the double team between Cesaro and Ricochet at the beginning of this match was really good. They have amazing chemistry as partners and I hope they partner up with each other again. However, the main question is, why does this match have to be in the pre-show? These competitors proved during this match that they have amazing potential and should be in the main title picture. I do hope Ridge Holland is alright though after that broken nose. The ending of the match wasn’t great though so that is why I’ll give this match a B-. 

New Day (King Woods & Sir. Kofi Kingston) Vs. The Usos – Smackdown Tag Team Championships 

Winner: The Usos Retaining Their Championships via pinfall

Grade: A+

I am telling you, The New Day and The Usos never fail to disappoint. They are both one of the best tag teams of modern WWE. When it comes to their amazing skills and their chemistry with their own respective partner, I know that their matches are always interesting and suspenseful. I mean with the Usos and their amazing superkicks and with Kofi’s amazing cruiserweight abilities, how can this match not be interesting. Entering this match, I really wanted the New Day to win as I fondly remember their title run. It was always comedic and fun for the audience. But I mean, I have to give it up for the Usos, they are in fact The Bloodline and they are The Number Ones. In addition to that, The Usos held on to this championship title for 167 days and they definitely didn’t let it go without putting up a fight. During this match, I was always on my toes and was in anticipation of what was going to occur next. The “This is awesome!” chants said by the fans in Atlanta were 100% accurate, especially after the double frog splash. In conclusion, I’m glad that The Usos won. They proved deserving during this match and during their current title run. I’m interested in seeing how long the Usos can hold their title. That is why I am going to give this match an A+.

Drew McIntyre Vs. Madcap Moss – Singles Match

Winner: Drew McIntyre via pinfall

Grade: B

I’m not one known to complain, but I mean, last year (can’t believe it’s already 2022), Drew was WWE Heavyweight Champ, an outstanding one too, but now he’s a midcarder, he has so much more potential! This match was interesting to watch, but it wasn’t on par with Drew’s prior matches. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the build-up to this match especially when Drew drove his sword through Adam Pearce’s desk (very much deserved) and when Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss stole it. But I’m not going to lie, Madcap did prove himself as an impressive and worthy opponent during this match; his skills impressed everyone in Atlanta. However, Drew was evidently better especially due to that throw on the outside of the ring as shown above and that Claymore kick at the end. That ambush after their match was not good for Drew though. Hope he is alright. In conclusion, this match was good so that is why I’ll give this match a B.

RK-Bro Vs. The Street Profits – Tag Team Match – RAW Tag Team Championships

Winner: RK-Bro Retaining Their Championships via pinfall

Grade: B+

RK-Bro has been carrying RAW upon their shoulders ever since they formed as a tag team. They are hilarious in many ways and Riddle never fails to make the crowd laugh. Their chemistry as partners is outstanding. On the other hand, the Street Profits are also an amazing tag team that are always interesting to watch because of their amazing skills in the ring. Both of these teams are all outstanding at what they do, and this match-up wasn’t disappointing to watch. Montez Ford’s selling after Randy’s power slam was hilarious. Also, that flip up from the top rope that Montez Ford did was fantastic. I got up from my seat after watching that. Unfortunately, even though the Street Profits lost, they did put up a good fight against RK-Bro. I really hope that they wrestle with each other again. That is why I’ll give this match a B+.

Edge Vs. Miz – Singles Match

Winner: Edge via pinfall

Grade: A

I have to say it, this match was outstanding. With a match between two incredible powerhouses on the microphone and two amazing wrestlers, this match was definitely not disappointing to the millions of viewers of Day 1. Based on the build-up created by this match with Maryse playing an extremely pivotal role, it was extremely evident how many fans were attuned to seeing how this match was going to play out. For instance, the “You can’t do that!” and “Miz you suck!” chants definitely added to the anticipation. One of my favourite parts of this match was when Edge sent Miz face-first on the announce desk or when Edge dropped Miz off the top rope. The brood bath that happened last Monday was hilarious to watch and definitely added to this awesome storyline. Plus, when Beth Phoneix, Edge’s wife came to distract the Miz, leading Edge to do a spear, I was screaming in excitement. Unsurprisingly, The Miz always managed to upset the audience by either taunting or by cheating with his wife Maryse. In conclusion, this match was definitely worth all the hype as it was evident that this match always kept making you wonder about what will happen next. That is why this match deserves an A. 

Becky Lynch Vs. Liv Morgan – Singles Match For The RAW Women’s Championship

Winner: Becky Lynch Retaining Her Championship via pinfall

Grade: B+

I really enjoyed this match especially with Liv Morgan’s amazing move set which allowed her to showcase her fantastic abilities in the ring. I enjoyed seeing how much Liv advanced in both her athleticism as well as her promo skills. I mean, last year, she was just a mid-carder, but now, she’s at championship level and, well, that’s just great. The whole crowd was impressed with Liv’s skills and newfound capabilities. I found her during this match to be an amazing cruiserweight. One of my favourite moments was when Liv launched Becky into the turnbuckle or when Liv jumped from the top rope into Becky. Nevertheless, even though Liv unfortunately lost, with Becky having the intention to cheat, I’m going to hypothesize that Liv will win the Royal Rumble and face Becky at Wrestlemania, which will then have her winning the championship. However, both superstars did amazingly well in their match. So that is why I’ll give this match a B+.

MAIN EVENT: Fatal Five Way Match – Brock Lesnar Vs. Seth Rollins Vs. Bobby Lashley Vs. Kevin Owens Vs. Big E – WWE Championship

Winner: Brock Lesnar Becoming The New WWE Champion via pinfall

Grade: A+

Once I found out that Roman tested positive for COVID-19, I was saddened because we weren’t going to be able to see him face Brock on Day 1, but mainly, I was extremely worried for Roman due to him being immunocompromised. So I wish him a speedy recovery. Nevertheless, even though Brock couldn’t compete for the Universal Championship, I’m sure that he will do great in this match. Which he definitely did. Originally, I found this match to be extremely crowded leading to a chaotic match, but throughout the course of this match, I was definitely proven otherwise. Fortunately, Seth was able to compete in this match due to him catching COVID a few days prior. But from my personal perspective, I really wanted Big E to win this match as I believe that he could’ve done more while being champion. Plus, I really wanted to see his big Wrestlemania moment. However, despite this, I believe that Brock Lesnar will definitely prove to be a satisfactory champion as evidenced during his Universal and WWE championship reign. But, I do hope that Brock doesn’t appear as a part-time champion. One of my favourite parts in this match was when Bobby speared Brock into the barricade as shown above. Let me tell you something, when Brock pinned Big E and won, I screamed at the top of my lungs. That is not an exaggeration. This was a fantastic match to watch. It was short and sweet. So that is why I give this match an A+. 


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