“The Flash: Enter Zoom” Review

The fight between Barry and Zoom
The fight between Barry and Zoom

Summary This weeks episode of “The Flash: Enter Zoom” does not disappoint the excited fans as the main villain Zoom makes his debut in an epic, edge of your seat, last ten minutes. Throughout the episode the cast is trying to lure Zoom the main antagonist to Earth 1 so they can confront him, but it doesn’t really go as planned. Towards the beginning  of the show Barry tries to talk to Linda Parks of Earth 2 (also known as Doctor Light) to try and see what she knows about Zoom and how the team could lure him into a trap. Surprisingly Linda admits that she must bring Barry’s emblem on the Flash suit through one of the 52 portals in central city to confirm the Flash’s death and to await Zoom’s approval so Linda can go home to Earth 2 where she belongs. But she then escapes with the power of invisibility. Since Linda of Earth 2 escaped, Barry gets an idea to stage a fight against The Flash and Linda of Earth 1 in a fight to lure Zoom over to Earth 1.  Barry must decide as well whether or not he will put Linda of Earth 1 in danger so Barry can have a true victory once and for all (seeing as Eddie was the one to be the hero in season 1). The Flash team trains Linda to perform like she was the true Doctor Light for a very comic book type fight when it all goes down. But in the end, the plan is a flop as Zoom does not show up. Or so we thought. The finale of this episode is probably the best scene in “The Flash” as Zoom enters the scene taking Linda to the top of Star Labs to lure Barry to the top. Barry shows up like Zoom knew he would, and almost kills Barry in an epic battle of speed. The show then leaves with the cliffhanger when Barry tells Kaitlin and Cisco that he can’t feel his legs. The most interesting side plot to this episode was the Harrison Wells and Cisco scenes. Cisco throughout the episode is trying to find out why Harrison Wells of Earth 2 came to Earth 1. Cisco tries to use his new power to see into Harrison’s past, but gets a vision of Harrison’s daughter Jessie Quick trapped and being held hostage by Zoom (after a couple of failed attempts since Harrison of Earth 2 knows about Cisco’s powers.) It has led fans to speculate that Barry will go to Earth 2 to save Harrison’s daughter.

Overall thoughts on the episode; “The Flash: Enter Zoom” was not as action packed as some of the previous episodes but was a great introduction episode for the main villain Zoom. I really enjoyed the parts with Harrison Wells because it brings back the awesomeness that was Season 1. But I also like that this Harrison has different emotions and actions compared to the last. It really shows how well Tom Cavanagh can act. This episode left off with many questions still left to answer but it also answered a few that were still in the fans’ minds. I would give this episode a 4.5/5

Speculations: So who is Zoom?

Many fans believe that Zoom is really Barry from Earth 2 that went Evil instead of good when the particle accelerator exploded.

There is also a theory that Barry’s dad of Earth 2 is Zoom, and the reason why he wants to kill all the other speedsters. Well, it could be because Barry of Earth 2 was killed by a speedster and after that his father wanted vengeance on all the rest. One major plot hole though with this theory though is why would his father want to kill him? It at the moment does not make any sense.

Will Linda become the official Doctor Light of the show?

I believe that Linda Parks from Earth 1 will become Doctor Light for the show, but I think that might be held off for a while seeing as there is a lot going on already. I believe she wont be a villain but will fight along side Barry and the team.

How long will Barry lose the feeling in his legs?

I believe he will only deal with this problem for an episode more as Barry is the Flash and he needs to keep running for the show to keep moving at a fast pace.

The next episode on November 17th: Gorilla Warfare