Losing Joe’s Place

by Gordon Korman

Jason’s going to have the summer of his life – as long as he doesn’t lose Joe’s place.

Sixteen-year-old Jason is looking forward to spending the summer in the big city with his friends Don and Ferguson. They’ve convinced their parents to let them sublet Jason’s older brother Joe’s apartment in Toronto. All they have to do is pay the rent each month and not, under ANY circumstance, put Joe in jeopardy of losing his lease. Easier said than done.

What they didn’t count on was dealing with Joe’s eccentric landlord, Mr. Plotnick, or his strange friend, Rootbeer. And they certainly weren’t expecting Joe’s Camaro to be mistaken for a stolen car and get towed away. One crisis after another conspires to ruin their summer, but with Gordon Korman’s trademark wit the journey is guaranteed to be both inventive and hilarious.