How I Would Book Sami Zayn, Roman Reigns, and Cody Rhodes In A Triple Threat Match At Wrestlemania 39

Tonight is Elimination Chamber, and so far, the night has been a massive success with a roaring Montreal crowd. However, everyone in attendance and the millions of people watching around the world are excited for one thing and one thing only: The Main Event. Sami Zayn Vs. Roman Reigns for The WWE Undisputed Universal Championship. The story between Sami Zayn and The Bloodline has been intensifying in action for almost a whole year, with people waiting to see how the story will play out. But, finally, tonight is the night. No more waiting. 

When it’s time for the entrances for the Main Event, The ‘Underdog From The Underground’ came out first, and to the delight and surprise of many, he came out to his World’s Apart Theme with the fans singing loudly as they contained pure excitement and love for their very own. But, when it was time to Acknowledge the Tribal Chief, the fans definitely weren’t in the mood for it as boos and negative cheers rained heavily throughout the arena. Some profanities went around here and there, especially when Roman did the ‘We The One’s’ Gesture. But as per usual, after a very lengthy walk to the ring, it was finally time for the match. 

As soon as the match began, you felt as if you were watching a match from an independent show, as heavy kicks, punches, and intense moves were thrown around the ring from two amazing competitors. 

But after an incredibly fast fifteen minutes of unforgettable action going on in the squared circle, like Roman did more than a year ago to end his Championship Match against Sami in 2021, Roman locked Sami in a tight Guillotine. But, despite Sami being in the hold, he managed to fight against it, never tapping or showing signs of fear for The Tribal Chief. Ten seconds went on in the hold, and Sami still never tapped to it, but, to the shock of many and a flashback to what happened twenty-six years ago at the Bell Center, the bell still rang. The Montreal Screwjob occurred again, but this time, instead of watching it occur in the seats, Sami fell victim to it.

If you thought the crowd during Roman’s entrance was bad, just wait until you hear them now. The crowd was chanting an incessant amount of profanities and curses, but as per usual, Roman didn’t care in fact, he just soaked it all in, grabbing his titles and walked away with pure confidence and swagger, like Shawn Michaels did all those many years ago. 

Sami, however, wanted revenge. So, he grabbed the microphone and demanded that Hunter come out and address him and the WWE Universe about what just occurred. But, he didn’t. In fact, to the pure shock of many, it was, the one and only, former chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon. The crowd immediately started booing.  

When Vince came out, he instantly told the crowd to be quiet and asked if they missed him, which, clearly, they didn’t. Sami stood there hopelessly in the ring, just waiting to see why the company that he loved so much, despite how they treated him all those years, would do such a cruel act. But, Vince, he didn’t care at all. He was just straight to the point. And the reason why Sami got screwed out of his title opportunity was because, and I quote, “You can never be the face of the company. You said it yourself in numerous interviews, so why on God’s Green Earth should I make you champion?” 

In his response, Sami unleashed a side of himself that no one has ever seen before, a darker and ruthless self, claiming that Vince will pay for what he just did. 

But Vince couldn’t care less about Sami, in fact he responded saying, “No, in fact, I will get paid for this, look at all the people here, they all came here to watch you fail, And you-” He couldn’t say much because of the harsh profanities that kept on interrupting him. In response to that, Vince just laughed heavily at the top of the Entrance Ramp.

“And you, Sami, you can’t do much because you’re fired!” 

Sami wanted to say something in response, but he couldn’t because the microphone was turned off. The best he could do was scream profanity after profanity to Vince and write in the air, like his icon Bret Hart did all those years ago, the current rival company, ‘AEW’. And just like that, Elimination Chamber went off the air. 

A couple days later on Raw, the Ottawa crowd was chanting, “Sami! Sami! Sami!” or “Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole!” the entire night, during almost every single match. 

But, before Raw could end, a person in a black hoodie came out and revealed himself to be the one and only, Sami Zayn. 

He came out and demanded a chance to speak to Vince and no one came out. He said that if Vince or Hunter didn’t come out before Raw ends, then, he would not leave the ring. 

After some time, there was only one person who came out, and that was Roman’s next competitor, The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes. 

Cody begged Sami not to do this as it’s just ruining his career and legacy, but Sami didn’t not care, he was just incredibly frustrated that he was embarrassed in front of his family, friends, and hometown. He only wanted one thing, and that was revenge. 

Sami grabbed his mic and sternly stated, “Cody, I don’t want to see you right now. I need to fight for what’s mine and what I deserve, what I worked hard for for almost a year. Not a golden platter being handed out to me.”

Cody didn’t have anything left to say, in fact, he just subtly left the ring. 

Sami insisted that he wasn’t going to leave, and it was five minutes past eleven o-clock, the show had to go off the air. But Raw surprisingly didn’t. 

After having enough, Sami just walked over to Guerilla and went into business for himself, but before he could, he was stopped by security. Sami tried fighting back, but being twenty-to-one is no easy feat. He managed to fight against six to seven security guards, but eventually, the numbers game went out of hand and he was ‘arrested’. 

During Smackdown, the “Sami!” chants continued rampantly, but, to the despair of many, Sami didn’t show up that night as there was a heightened security presence. 

For the next three weeks, Sami was nowhere to be found, but, the ‘Sami’ chants were even more present throughout weekly shows, even NXT, might I add.   

But, the wait is finally over when on a random Monday Night Raw, three weeks before Wrestlemania, the camera pans to backstage where Cody Rhodes is laid out and the camera instantly pans to Sami Zayn. 

As soon as the crowd finds out it’s Sami, they immediately start to cheer.

Sami then says, “I have been overlooked for far too long. It’s my turn now, whether you like it or not.”

A couple hours later, Raw is about to end, but a bruised and beaten Cody Rhodes walks out to the ring to a mixed crowd response. 

He grabs the microphone and says, “I tried to be nice to you Sami, I really tried. And this is what I get? Alright, I see. You want my spot in the main event of Wrestlemania don’t you? Well, fine, in all honesty, you deserve it. But no matter what, you aren’t taking my spot, no matter how much you or the fans want it.” He points to the sign with confidence and some fans start to boo.

The next week on Raw, it was told that Roman was going to be on tonight’s show to sign the contract between him and Cody for their Wrestlemania Match. But of course, contract signings can never end without chaos being ensued. 

So far, the contract signing starts off well, but of course, the ‘We Want Sami!’ chants start to form and they get increasingly louder by the second. The two wrestlers in the ring try their best to ignore it, but that’s an incredibly daunting task. Eventually, they both sign the contract and are about to leave the ring. But, before they could, a familiar Ginger ran from the crowd and entered the ring, proceeding to assault both The Tribal Chief and American Nightmare senseless. While they were both in pain in different corners of the ring, Sami grabbed the contract from a shooken Adam Pearce and signed it, to the delight of many fans in attendance and around the world. But, the question is, will the contract having three signatures on it make a difference in the match outcome? 

The next week on Raw, the Go-Home Show before Wrestlemania, all three wrestlers are in the ring alongside Triple H, who announces, “All of you three have been a burden to deal with. Yes, it’s true, Cody you deserve a title opportunity as you indeed have won the Royal Rumble. And Sami, your actions since Elimination Chamber are unacceptable, and as far as I’m concerned, do you even have a job here? But, I can see where you’re coming from, you have been screwed on behalf of the ‘final boss’ and I want to make it right. You know how much potential I saw in you back in NXT, and I still do. The fans and I both do. So, you’re added to the match. Finally, Roman, you have two titles, and Cody has made it clear that he only wants the WWE Championship, so, I’m going to do this: On Night Two of Wrestlemania, it will be a Two Falls Match where the First Fall will be for the WWE Championship and the Second Fall will be for the Universal Championship.” After that’s said, the crowd goes wild and Triple H exits the ring, leaving all three competitors in the ring having a tense and brutal staredown with each other. 

Finally, it’s time for the Main Event of Night Two of Wrestlemania Hollywood. 

The match starts off well with the WWE Championship being held up for grabs first. All three men are engaged in a battle of war. The crowd reaction is heavily mixed, with 60% of fans cheering for Sami and the other 40% is either cheering for Cody or rarely, Roman. Having flashbacks to their match in Montreal, Sami Zayn lines up Roman for the Helluva Kick, but Cody pushes Sami out of the way and sets Roman up for a Cross Rhodes and tries to pin him for the win. But, to the surprise of many, Roman kicks out. In absolute shock, Cody tries to hit a Cross Rhodes on Sami, but Sami reverses it to a Brain Buster. Sami goes for the pin, but Cody kicks out. 

As they are all laid out on the mat of the ring, it takes them all time to get up. But, the roaring ‘This Is Awesome’ Chants definitely help in hyping them up. In due course, they all get up and start beating each other up like they are in the trenches of a battlefield. Roman lines Cody up for a Spear but ends up hitting Sami instead. Cody then hits Roman with a devastating Cross Rhodes, immediately busting Roman open, but, unlike other matches that cause bleeding, this one doesn’t get blurred out or turned into black and white, it remains regularly coloured. Cody immediately goes for the pin and unlike before, Roman doesn’t kick out. Cody is the new WWE Champion and he celebrates heavily in the ring, knowing that he captured what his dad, The American Dream Dusty Rhodes, never could. As Cody celebrates, Roman slowly starts to recover and gets up, nailing Cody with an incredibly strong Spear. 

Before Roman could go for the pin, Sami Zayn desperately runs into the ring and throws Cody out. Sami punches and kicks Roman to the best of his ability before he could get a chance to stand up, setting him up for a brain buster into the turnbuckle. But, Roman manages to fight back, and since this is a no disqualification match, he low-blows Sami and demands Heyman to give him a chair; a nice touch of payback after what happened at the Rumble. But, before he could do a chair shot, The Former ‘Right Hand Man’ Jey Uso runs out to the ring and steps in front of Sami Zayn. He’s begging for Roman not to do anything to Sami, but as Roman is the Tribal Chief, he just tosses Jey aside and continues beating Sami up. But, Jey, he’s tired of this constant abuse and bossing around by his cousin, so he gets up slowly and turns Roman around for a superkick. He continues to assault his own cousin who has been mistreating him for decades, with both a steel chair and his own fists, much to the dismay of Paul Heyman. He then lifts Roman up and drags him to the turnbuckle. He walks over to Sami and flaunts his hands to direct him to Helluva Kick his former ‘boss’, just like how Sami did to direct Jey Uso to do a frog splash to Kevin Owens at WarGames. Sami gets up slowly and says thank you. He runs over and connects Roman with a devastating kick. He goes for the pin. 1.2.3. Sami Zayn is the new Universal Champion! He has been waiting for this moment his entire life. After being screwed over numerous times, it’s finally his turn to shine, and Roman’s 920+ day control over the WWE is finally over. 

Sami celebrates in the ring much to the crowd’s delight and the pyro is going off. No more being perceived as a comedic character for fans, it’s now his turn to be respected. Cody enters the ring after being victim to a devastating spear and gives Sami a firm handshake. They both raise each other’s hands and walk out as Wrestlemania goes off the air on a high note. 


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