Fiction: “Unexpected Places” – Part 3

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following is a weekly series that will be continued throughout most of the year. This story is completely fictional and none of the events in this story are real. I hope you enjoy the story!

I woke up the next morning feeling tired and fatigued. Staying up all night and thinking does take it’s toll. I got up, brushed my teeth and went back to my room. I get ready and go downstairs. As I walk down, but stairs the thoughts of what have been happening are still haunting me. I want to have good friends at school but if I don’t find any reason as to why people are ignoring me than that’s it. Lonely Yash who is the weird kid of the school without any friends. I sit at the table where grandpa and grandma are already eating as they usually are.

“How did you sleep son?”

“Pretty good”

“Ready for school today!?”

I gave a nod. I tried to talk to them more but my mind just kept fazing in and out between reality and my endless deep thoughts. I soon finish my breakfast and headed to school. It was surprisingly foggy and so I had to walk slowly. The sound of my shoes against the concrete and the smell of fresh air was exactly what I needed. With a clear head I continue to walk to school. Even as the fog thickens I continue to walk to the direction of the school. Two minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, time just kept ticking but I didn’t seem to make it to school yet. I start to sweat and look around a lot to see if there is something that I can use to recognize where I am. I am now lost in a place that I barely know, and can’t even see around me. Not knowing what to do I sit on the curb of the side walk. I silence rang over me as I just sat there. No one I can talk to, no one to ask help.

As the silence rang, a voice ran through the mist. It was one of a child, one that sounded very young.

“Run Yash, Run Run Run! , Hide Yash, Hide Hide Hide!, Yash is not safe, Yash is not safe, as the fun has just begun,” the mysterious thing said very slowly.

I sat there and didn’t utter a word. I was still processing what I just heard when it said another thing.

“The truth is simple, there’s no need to search, no need to take time, and slowly rehearse, if you want to find, it shall deny, nevertheless, try.”

Those words flowed into my head, but the only thought going through my head that was, who? Who are you? The voices then stopped, and the silence which I was happy about now stirred confused emotions. The fog slowly vanished into nothing as if nothing had happened. I get up and realize that the nothingness in which I thought I was in, was a lie, as before me stood my school.

I sat back down and thought. The chatter of kids on the field around the school didn’t bother me now, the only thing that I could hear at the time were words that were spoken to me on replay, over and over again. The school bell rings and my thoughts disperse bringing an aching headache along with it. It’s time to get to the bottom of this. Starting with the school.