FICTION: “Unexpected Places” – Part 2

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following is a weekly series that will be continued throughout most of the year. This story is completely fictional and none of the events in this story are real. I hope you enjoy the story!

The next day, I was awoken to the annoying shaking of my grandpa, and as much i appreciate him waking me up I am not a morning person.

“Wake up sunny boy it’s time for school!”

Now I was puzzled, “I just came to this place, and now I have to go to school!”

“Yup, I already talked to your teachers and the principal about your arrival. I wold you it’s a small community.”

“Great, fine, I’ll be down in a bit.” I take a shower, then put some clothes, and went down stairs, to find my grandma and grandpa at the table.

“Hi son, you wanna eat?” I refused because as much as I want to eat, I was anxious to go to my first day of school, and plus I didn’t want to eat at a table that looked like it was going to break off at any moment. Instead, I ask my grandpa for directions and walk to school.

I walk up to the school entrance and open the doors. Inside the school was clean, and normal, no broken walls, windows or floor. It was just normal. I took my time walking to the main office letting the scenery be taken in. It was nice, there were painting and club posters everywhere. it looked beautiful and welcoming to me. I get close to the office, but as I walk up to open the door someone greeted me. It was the principal. She was able to recognize me so quick too.

“Hi Yash, how are you?”

“I’m fine. Who are you?”

“The name’s Ms. Parkinson, your new principal. People call me Ms. P, either name is fine. Here come in let’s get you sorted.” The principal was pretty beautiful and for the most part was really helpful. She showed me throughout the school too. The next thing I knew I was comfortable and in front of my home room class. The school had three floors, I had the second floor first.

I entered the class room and the next thing I knew the whole class started staring at me, it was not good. They had death stares at me.I did not feel safe at the moment. The teacher introduces me to the class, the principal leaves and I have a seat at the front of the classroom.

My classes consisted of Math, Science, English, Gym, Hospitality and tourism, business, music and civics and careers. Each class is a hour long, with a 40 minute break after 4 subjects. Anyways, going back to the class, the place I was sitting was beside a girl to the left and a boy to the right. They both started at me as if something was going to happen as the teacher gives me handouts that I have missed that I need. After the lesson was over I asked classmates around me about the work I was given but all I got was stares and ignores. I asked the two people sitting beside me too but I got a “Don’t talk to me!” from the girl and a “I don’t know you” from the boy. Knowing that this was getting me no where I ended up asking the teacher and he said he would send some instructional videos as to how to do it.

Nothing different happened after that. People just stared and gave me the creeps, wasn’t great but since it was my first day it was fine. After school, I ran home to do my homework. Since I arrived late in the semester, I had a lot of catching up to do and I don’t think at the moment, asking a fellow classmate is going to help. My grandpa and grandma asked how was school and all, but I dodged the question and ran into my room to do work.

Though this hasn’t been a good start to the school year it was a start, and it wasn’t too bad. There are a lot of secrets that I need to uncover. With the secrecy meetings from my grandpa with my grandma to the whole situation of no students talking with me and just staring at me.This needs to be resolved if I am ever going to live a normal life in this place. I hope tomorrow goes a lot better.