Doctor Strange Review : A ‘Strange’ Take on Marvel Movies.

Doctor Stange is different from other Marvel films — and that is why is stands out. Yes, it does follow a familiar “origin story” path as most Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films do, however, the beauty of Doctor Strange lies in how it twists (sometimes literally) the usual plot and character of most superhero films.

Doctor Strange doesn’t seek his powers to do good or to save lives, (even though he is a surgeon) he does it for the fame and glory. While watching Doctor Strange, I found I was constantly having to remind myself that this movie is set in the MCU, because of how radically different it is. Much like ‘Ant-Man’ in 2015, which has become one of my favourite MCU titles, the directors and cast take a character not well known to the casual superhero fans and turns them into a mainstream, cool character.

Speaking of the cast – it is brilliant. Benedict Cumberbatch, as always, excels in his role as Doctor Strange. Perfectly exemplifying the character’s early arrogance and determination throughout the movie. Benedict Wong (who plays Wong) in the movie, adds to the humorous elements of the movie, while also playing an important supporting character. Tilda Swinton, who plays the “Ancient One” does it brilliantly and adds even more to the overall feeling of Doctor Strange. Chiwetel Ejiofor who plays Mordo also works very well as a supporting character.

While all the supporting characters work well, it is unfortunate that the villain doesn’t. While Madds Mikkelsen plays the role well, it is disappointing that the “role” only appears a few times in the movie. That being said, there are ultimate, more hidden villains in Doctor Strange, but that crosses into spoiler territory.

Of course, this review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the special effects, which are absolutely amazing. Doctor Strange is one of the only movies really worth watching in 3D, and I’m glad I was convinced to do so. There are so many scenes where I looked over and asked “What is happening?!” not because I was confused or upset, but because the 3D just adds a level of “WOW!” Buildings turning upside down, flying through the infinite realm of time, being sucked into other dimensions, Doctor Strange in 3D is truly a treat.

Doctor Strange never slows down, and never loses you. The plot is moderately paced in the beginning, but once certain events take place, it speeds up and never stops. The plot is easy to follow, even if you are unfamiliar with Doctor Strange (like I was) and ultimately brings you to love the character.

Out of all the somewhat lackluster movies coming out right now, Doctor Strange is a welcomed and needed addition to 2016’s movie lineup. Not only does it have the quality production value of an MCU movie, it also isn’t like other MCU movies. It is different, enticing, interesting, and wonderfully strange.