Cookie Run Kingdom Characters ranked on Eatability

Make no mistake, the beautiful work of art that is THIS ARTICLE, was also written by Jazlyn Mohamed as well.

F Tier Cookies:

Absolutely disgusting, very much inedible

Squid Ink Cookie 

  • I firmly believe that people should not be ingesting ink. Putting it in a cookie doesn’t make it any better, really.

Onion Cookie

  • Onion might be a great thing to use to enhance dishes, but onion and sugar? Hard Pass

Tiger Lily Cookie 

  • Tiger Lilies, according to the web, taste distinctly of iceberg lettuce. No one likes vegetables.

Dora Winifred Read 

Werewolf Cookie 

  • Self-explanatory. 

Gumball Cookie

  • Once upon a time, I bought a big bubble gum ice cream cone. 5-year-old me was so excited to eat it! Where did that excitement go? I couldn’t tell you. The second I bit into that “treat”, I ran out the door, and probably flew to Neptune, to find something tastier. I cannot say bubblegum has left a good impression on me. 

Milk Cookie

  • As much as we’d enjoy its creaminess in desserts, milk as a flavour alone, doesn’t give very much appetizing appeal. The flavour of milk consistently buries itself, so trying to genuinely enhance the flavour might make something of a lactose intolerant’s nightmare. 

Licorice Cookie 

  • Well, the cookie looks a little poisonous. He seems to be involved in witchcraft. I fear him

Beet Cookie 

  • Veggies, – Dora Winifred  

Twizzly Gummy Cookie 

  • Picture yourself biting into a cookie, that warm, chewy baked goodness… and then biting into a gummy. Totally ruins the vibe, you know, the two simply just don’t mix.

Angel Cookie 

  • Would likely taste like all pleasant things in existence. Though delicious alone, the variety would make for a nauseating palate. 

Sea Fairy Cookie 

  • Sea Fairy may taste heavily of sea salt. Therefore, overly salty, awfully displeasing. 

D Tier Cookies:

Bad but not disgusting

Ninja Cookie 

  • Oatmeal? Raisin Bran? Less than mediocre flavours.

Rye Cookie 

  • Just your average cracker. Nothing special or exciting.

Vampire Cookie 

  • Aged grape juice, not the typical cookie flavour. Therefore, it lacks the flavour profile needed for an exquisite cookie

Blackberry Cookie 

  • Blackberry Cookie vs Vampire Cookie. An even match. Both flavours just seem less than mediocre. 

Avocado Cookie 

  • Might provide a nice, creamy texture but flavour profile sounds kinda wack.

Clover Cookie 

  • Despite its four-leaf luck, the clover cookie has made it to the bottom of the tier list. What would clover even taste like? Feels too earthy and would probably taste too much like soil.

Purple Yam Cookie 

  • Sounds like a dessert your mom would give you for the sake of being healthy. Has a nice purple colour though!

Princess Cookie 

  • This cookie will never see her dreams of being the queen of her kingdom. No unique flavour, it seems to taste like peppermint with no substance.

Devil Cookie 

  • By no means is anyone’s favourite, devil cookie reminds viewers of all bad flavours. Think dust, licorice and all dark tastes.

Fig Cookie 

  • Not a personal fan of figs or the taste of centaurs either, leading to this low rating. Fig and horse, another out of this world combination.

Pomegranate Cookie

  • When thinking of cookie flavours, pomegranate is not going to be on the top of your list. Maybe, in this creativity there is genius, maybe not. The lack of conclusion really puts pomegranate near the bottom.

Sparkling Cookie 

  • Sparkling cookie reminds me of sprite, or any carbonated drink of sorts. As someone who has never been a fan of these,  I can’t imagine it would taste any better than its liquid counterparts.

Chili Pepper Cookie 

  • A little bit of spice with dark chocolate sounds like a great combination. However, chili pepper exceeds the amount of spice that accounts for a perfect balance.

Mala Sauce Cookie 

  • Much like Chili Pepper, Mala Sauce Cookie has the makings of a sophisticated cookie. Though, due to the large amount of hot sauce she remains at the brink of edibility.

Sorbet Shark 

  • Although sorbet is definitely an iconic dessert filled with lovely tropical flavours, we could not imagine it making a seconds worthy dessert.

Lilac Cookie 

  • Flowers are nice to look at and even nice to smell, eating them on the other hand is a completely different story.

Herb Cookie 

  • Basil? Thyme? Mint? Oregano? These all make great seasonings but aren’t the ideal choice for the cookie dessert of my dreams.

C Tier Cookies:


Sonic Cookie

  • An adrenaline rush/sugar rush, all encaptured inside of a hedgehog-looking cookie. Respectable, and impressive. Perhaps it tastes like a blueberry sugar cookie. I think eating a real Sonic, non-sugar cookie would put the guy in the non-existent G tier. Hedgehog?

He might give you superpowers though. Hooray.

Snow Sugar Cookie

  • The fact that she is a sugar cookie is quite blatant. As for the flavour, I imagine she’d be that one type of cookie you can purchase at the department stores; the types that are topped with white frosting, and sprinkles. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t eat them, though simultaneously, they are rather basic. 

Pure Vanilla

  • I don’t know anyone who has really tried pure vanilla. As in the flower vanilla. It doesn’t look very appetizing either. However, when it concerns the direct pure vanilla flavouring, I think I’d be willing to give it a try, (positively, he is even topped in wafers, on the contrary, he is holding the vanilla plant). 

Espresso Cookie

  • Coffee flavoured goods are highly debatable. As it is directly espresso, someone who does not like the raw flavour of coffee (like me) would be majorly displeased. Although, the grown-ups might take an interest in this one. 

Kumiho Cookie

  • She is, unanticipatedly, a “seductive marshmallow fox”. An unexpected combo, yet particularly intriguing. 

Black Raisin Cookie

  • Oatmeal cookie, edible, snoozefest.

Cherry Cookie

  • She’d likely taste, and consist of cherry pop rocks. Bizarre, but might be interesting. I don’t really know how I feel about a cherry-flavoured cookie, nor have I tried one. Therefore, she is given the default tier.

Adventurer Cookie

  • He’d probably be a graham cracker that tastes like sweat. A bit bland, but you can put marshmallows on it. Therefore, useful-ish.

Hollyberry Cookie

  • Like those legendary cookies with jelly tart filling. I have no idea why she is so low on the tier list. 

Muscle Cookie 

  • Fought a dragon for this one to be S tier. Colleagues argued for the F tier. Settled in C tier. Disappointed, protein is vital. 

B Tier Cookies:

Good but would only take two

Wizard Cookie

  • While all the magic cookies have food-related flavours, it’s a complete mystery as to what wizard cookie could possibly taste like. His hat may look delicious, but what exactly does pure magic taste like? Would you spontaneously combust? Become all powerful? Would he just taste like vanilla?????? Wizard cookie confounds me, but I think he’d taste like everything and nothing at the same time, and in a way, it would work. 

You’d probably die if you took more than two due to the pure magic you’re consuming but it’d be pretty epic

Tails, Cookie 

  • Instead of giving you a sugar rush like Sonic, Tails would have the courtesy to taste like oranges.

Evidence: He’s orange

Alchemist Cookie

  • Apparently, alchemist cookie is made with fresh grapes, which might be good. However, she deals with poison which will most likely give a little spice to this otherwise bland cookie.

The perfect cookie to discreetly get rid of your enemies with

Moon Rabbit Cookie 

  • Moon Rabbit Cookie is made of rice and what looks to be marshmallow, and while that may seem like an odd combination at first, you must think of rice krispies, and with that irrefutable logic, she has rightfully earned her spot in B tier.

That brings up the question- What would happen if you pulled her apart like in the rice krispie commercials?

Raspberry Cookie

  • Raspberries in desserts can be kind of tart, but if you make them the right way they can be quite good.

If I place raspberry cookie any lower she’d probably stab me as well so-

Almond Cookie

  • Nuts in cookies are generally well accepted by the general public, but it’s nothing too extraordinary. 

The almond cookie simps would beg to differ though 

Pastry Cookie

  • Would most likely taste like puff pastry, a little plain, but all around pretty good. 

When you eat pastry cookie, you’ll obtain the divine right of devotion.

Madeline Cookie 

  • Madeline cookies would be overpoweringly sweet if you had too many, but since madeleines are essentially sponge cakes (which is a definite win), he’s in the respectable B tier. 

Apparently, Madeline Cookie is really into light magic, so would this affect the taste?

A Tier Cookies:

yum yum

Latte Cookie

  • Unlike espresso cookie who probably tastes so bitter to the point where you’d become a huge prick, latte seems to be the perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness. As a devoted fan of coffee-flavoured desserts, latte seems like the cookie for everyone. 

Think Coffee Crisp Chocolates

Gingerbrave Cookie

  • I don’t think Gingerbrave deserves to be this high on the tier list since he’s just plain gingerbread, but my colleagues disagreed with me. Oh well, how wrong could you go with plain gingerbread cookies?

Still, all my homies hate Gingerbrave 

Strawberry Crêpe Cookie

  • Crêpes aren’t actually that sweet, but with the whipped cream, strawberries, and waffles that come with strawberry crêpe cookie, this cookie would taste more angelic than angel cookie.

I’d gladly eat this child for breakfast


Custard the lll Cookie

  • Custard is a nice flavour, and would translate well into cookie form. Not sure if I can eat Custard Cookie the 111 though since the shield he summons would probably protect him.

Eating him would also put the cookie economy into detriment since he is the king, but, as the wise say: Eat the Rich

Mango Cookie

  • There isn’t much to say about mango cookies other than the fact that mango makes everything better. 

I firmly believe that mango cookie deserves S tier, but once again, my colleagues fail to see the other side 

Red Velvet Cookie

  • Red velvet is an immaculate flavour, but he’s made with cake as well??? 

Studies have shown that eating Red Velvet cookies is your one-way ticket to becoming emo

Dark Choco Cookie

  • At first one might think that dark chocolate is too bitter to eat too many of these cookies, but he also seems to be made with oreos as well, which is what boosted dark choco from a likely C tier all the way to A tier.

I almost don’t want to eat him due to his tragic backstory though

Strawberry Cookie

  • There’s not much more I can say other than the fact that strawberries are just amazing in desserts 

I wonder if her being a gamer would also factor into taste

Pancake Cookie

  • Pancake cookie would probably taste like maple syrup as well, which is a lovely flavour for desserts actually, and paired with fruit how could you go wrong?

Pancake cookie would also give you some protein as well due to the number of acorns he eats

Knight Cookie

  • You may be wondering: “What would Knight cookie taste like?” Well, we don’t exactly know what this cookie by itself would taste like, but his armour is entirely made of white chocolate. Need I say more?

Wait… If Dark Choco cookie is also wearing armour does that mean his armour is made with DARK chocolate? Truly some mind boggling stuff we’re discovering in this article

Parfait Cookie

  • Parfaits are quite refreshing, so why would Parfait Cookie be any different?

I argued for Parfait Cookie to be S tier, but my colleagues, once again, disagreed with me. Also yes, I am aware that I’m starting to sound saltier than Sea Fairy

Carrot Cookie

  • “How could you possibly put a cookie made of  V E G T A B L E S this high?” You might be asking yourself. Well, I have two words for you: Carrot Cake.

Fun Fact: Carrot cookie’s English Voice Actress is Rosana Pansinno:D

S tier:

You take one at first, then find yourself finishing the whole box

Mint Choco Cookie

  • There’s no doubt when saying that mint and chocolate make an iconic duo. For example, there’s mint chocolate chip ice cream and the girl guide cookies. This duo is the perfect combination of refreshing and sweet, making you want to grab another.

Pumpkin Pie Cookie

  • Fall, the best season of all, is where pumpkin pie cookie can be found. Who doesn’t want to be reminded of lovely fall colours, a nice cool breeze and all the aromatic scents? That’s where the cookie version of fall, pumpkin pie, comes in. This cookie has a perfect combination of those fall flavours, making you want to keep eating more.

Cream Puff Cookie

  • Cream puffs are soft, sweet, and airy while also being jam-packed with creamy, rich filling. These criteria can also be seen when measuring a perfect cookie. The delicacy of cream puff cookies is truly what makes it S-tier-worthy. Flavourful, but not too overpowering; the best way to go about it.Just so you know

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Make no mistake, the beautiful work of art that is THIS ARTICLE, was also written by Jazlyn Mohamed and Anisa Pathak as well.