A Poem About Diana, The Princess Of Wales

Hello everyone, my name is Abem Habte, and for this article, I am going to be writing a poem about Diana, Princess Of Wales.

I highly recommend reading this if you’re interested in arts and entertainment or the Royal Family.

Diana, The Princess Of Wales. 

The people’s princess was the bright light that we all needed, 

But the cries of help to the institution were left unheeded. 

Nobody in the institution offered to help Diana, 

Not even her own spouse who only cared about his public perception, 

Which led to a common misconception that life in the institution should be an


Lady Diana touched millions of people’s hearts 

In the most unique ways, 

That’s why she is still remembered to this day.

The princess was an extraordinary and gifted human being.  

In good times and bad, she never lost her capacity to smile and laugh,

Nor to inspire others with her warmth and kindness. 

The beloved Princess Diana was very much alike to the kind Queen Of Hearts,

As her activism and empathy

Did not leave her as a distant memory. 

Princess Diana was the noblest royal that the world had ever seen

And she would have made an astonishing queen. 

A wonderful philanthropist who even after her death, 

Her good deeds continue to help those in need.

An activist who was also a down-to-earth Royal,

At a first glance, we would all know that she would be a phenomenal hero.  

Lady Diana used her title for kindness, 

As she tried to ban landmines because she was 

Concerned about the people who might get hurt. 

That was the start of her reign as the Queen Of People’s Hearts. 

The beloved Diana was as calm as a quiet waterfall, 

Never selfish, or mean, 

Just a kind and quiet person who entered the public eye at age sixteen. 

A wedding that drew a billion people, 

That seemed to be gleeful,

But on the inside, it was only shades of dark and rude remarks. 

Her sense of style is as daring as socks and sandals, 

Almost like her marriage which was full of scandals. 

Her husband was fueled by jealousy as she had the attention, 

As all he wanted was to be number one on the television.

A marriage that was filled with agony and pain,

But as always, Princess Diana remained caring and humane.

A Poem By Abem Habte