A Night Full of Art at Richardson

Last week on Thursday December 1, J. Clarke Richardson recognized the variety of arts within our school with an Arts night. The parents of Richardson students had the chance to see their child’s passion for art, whether that may be in dance, visual arts, music or drama. The night was divided into two with an art show at 6:30 pm and performances at 7.

During the arts show, parents were able to see the spectacular artwork that their students created. In addition, parents got the chance to devour yummy baked goods at a bake sale which featured a variety of treats made by members of Richardson’s Arts Council. Fun and interactive activities such as face painting also made the night ten times better. On top of that, parents paid a reasonable fee and were able to see a variety of performances that specialized in dance and drama.

The Arts night was a brilliant success, all thanks to the Arts Council. The Arts Council is a club organized by Ms. Dixon , one of Richardson’s visual arts teachers and Mr. ‘tMannetje, one of Richardson’s music teachers. The members that make up the council are a group of students, who are passionate in planning events that express the arts.


Members of the arts council creating posters and decorations for Arts Night

It’s important to express yourself and one good way to do this is through Arts Council. It gives you the chance to unleash your creativity. You will meet new friends who are working towards the same goal as you which is making Richardson a more artistic place to be! Applications are no longer available for this year so don’t forget to join next year!