Sea Monsters or a myth of the sea?


As a child I feared many tales regarding dangerous monsters and horrible myths. But a certain set of tales to be specific, sea monster tales never got me terrified. They were always so questionable, like some of them were just plain stupid and others didn’t make the most sense. I’m pretty sure all of us have heard of the Kraken, Leviathan, and Sirens. But no one has ever really encountered one. That’s because one hundred percent of it is fake. You’re either watching terrifically edited CGI or you’re just watching bad acting. So sorry for killing the vibe, but these sea monsters don’t exist. Believe it all you want, but you’ll never find one. But, the depths of many oceans are still left to be discovered. Who knows what could be lurking deep down? Find out, as I explore some freaky sea monster profiles.

Sea Monster: The Kraken

Now when the Kraken comes to mind you’re probably thinking of a giant squid that attacks people. Well guess what? You’re not wrong. In many different movies the giant squid has destroyed the lives of many people, especially fishermen. Known for its giant eight tentacles and razor sharp beak, this giant monster can completely obliterate giant ships and can even kill monster-sized whales. But fortunately, this creature doesn’t exist… well on a certain scale.

The relative of the Kraken is the giant squid, measuring up to 43 feet in length, and having enough strength to take out a fully grown male sperm whale, this mini monster is an exact replica of the Kraken, but much more peaceful. The giant squid lives in the Twilight Zone— which is at depths between 1,000 feet and about 2,000 feet.

The only other giant creature that lives down there is the sperm whale. But other than that it is highly rare that you will see a giant squid on the surface of the ocean, destroying an innocent boat. Scientists are trying to figure more about these creatures and if that the max size isn’t really their max size. Who knows how big this mini monster can get.

Sea Monster: Moby Dick

Now Moby Dick was a giant albino sperm whale that packed quite a punch. It could destroy up to three boats with a single blow from its tail, and its skin was said to be made of steel. This sea monster was another boat homicide machine and it was way stronger than the Kraken. Luckily we don’t have to face the wrath of Mr. Dick as he does not actually exist.

Thank goodness for that, because if he did a lot of oceans would not be the safest for many people and animals. But the sperm whale actually exists and they are one of the toughest whales in the ocean. Sperm whales are equivalent to Pablo Escobar in the gang world, they have one of the toughest hides and their teeth are strong enough to rip a giant squid to pieces.

Luckily they live in the depths of the ocean, the same range as the giant squid actually. So do not worry, as these whales are rare to attack humans.

Their major downfall is that a squid could easily cover its eyes and make it blind. But most sperm whales just devour giant squids and finish them on the spot. The chances for a giant squid winning aren’t the greatest, but there have been times where the battle was different. Sperm whales can grow up to 16 meters and weigh about 41 000 kilograms.

Now we are lucky that these monsters have 0 chance of hurting us because they either live in the depths of the ocean or cannot hurt anyone as they don’t exist. But for this final monster, this one could actually deal some massive damage to its enemies on water and land.

SEA MONSTER (ULTRA THREAT): Saltwater Crocodile 

Now you might be thinking, crocodiles? Aren’t those the creatures that live in lakes and low profiles of water. Well you aren’t wrong, but many crocodiles have been spotted throughout canals connecting to the oceans. Scientists believe that they are migrating and take the ocean as it is the fastest route. These cold blooded killers have no mercy when it comes to hunting.

Anything that moves is fair game. With speeds of up to 17km per hour on land which is fast enough to eat us alive. But if you step into the water with one of these guys, a body bag won’t be too far ahead. They also can swim at 30 km per hour, so you basically stand no chance. They also have a signature move called the death roll, which they twist their bodies in circles while holding their prey, making sure to snap every single existent bone.

Anyways, I’m not trying to scare you, but stay away from these monsters and avoid swimming in salt water lakes, because I’m pretty sure you don’t wanna become minced meat.

Well, to conclude, we are lucky that many of these creatures don’t exist and that they have almost 0 chance of hurting us, but who knows what could happen in the future. Our oceans have multiple terraces to be explored, and we need a lot of technology to get that done. If you are interested in learning more about sea monsters and creatures. 

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