J. Clarke Richardson’s Honour Band

It’s that time of year again: J. Clarke Richardson’s Music Department is bringing back the Honour Band.  Also known as RFOSH, the Honour Band invites students from our feeder schools to participate in J. Clarke Richardson’s new band. The Honour Band features senior students from our school’s concert band as well as grade seven and eight students from the participating feeder schools. The Honour Band is scheduled to perform during the Music Monday Festival on May 6 along with all the other J. Clarke Richardson performers.  The band is taught by all three of our school’s music teachers.

While it may seem scary and daunting for the grade seven and eight feeder-school students to participate in J. Clarke Richardson’s Honour Band for the first time, it is also very useful for those who want to be a part of our Music Department when they enter high school.  Grade seven and eight students are taught how to play in a band and read notes, but also get a chance to meet music students and teachers of J. Clarke Richardson.

Many feeder schools teach music through numbers instead of notes so when the students finally get to high school, it’s a very harsh change. By participating in the Honour Band, students are given a chance to adjust to note reading before they get to high school which makes their transition easier.  RFOSH also gives the students  a chance to meet other students interested in music which allows them to make new friends and meet future band mates.  In conclusion, the Honour Band is truly something unique that can teach very valuable lessons to future musicians of J. Clarke Richardson.