“What in the world is climate change?”

When you think of climate change, giant rallies, supersized signs, and mobs of people are what I believe come to your mind. A lot of people have turned climate change into some sort of joke or just some random issue. But what people have not been paying too much attention to is that the planet Earth’s demise could not be not too far off. We students shouldn’t just take this as some random warning but should actually do something to help stop climate change, or at least slow it down. 

The Goal for Success

Stopping climate change is currently impossible as it would require almost everyone on earth to stop driving, stop working at factories, and quit harvesting non-renewable resources. But guess what? We’re not all going to do that. I don’t think the world can afford the stoppage of these activities, since it would turn our world upside down. Now you might be thinking, how do we eliminate climate change? The answer to that is you can’t. A better question to ask would be how do we help slow down climate change? This question gives room to put together tiny pieces of success with the ultimate goal of fully putting an end to climate change. 

My Opinion on Climate Change

My take on climate change is an interesting approach. Before continuing, I would like to share my opinion on a climate change rally, and what it means to me.

Breathing in a world where I might have to live on a boat or wear a scuba suit all the time is a reality I don’t want to experience, nor do I want my children to. Climate change is becoming an adverse quandary, and the Canadian government needs to deliver its promises on helping to fight it.

Protesting and rallying is a method that’s tended to work throughout history. The decisions of today’s generation will become the future. Only if we raise our voices on what’s happening in Canada and the rest of the world will our solutions be given a chance. Ideas like reducing greenhouse gases by creating eco-friendly transportation or finding renewable energy rather than using fossil fuels, oil, and coal. These are ideas that millions of students can tinker with and make a reality if our government takes action today.

Climate change should be something we’ve solved in ten years. My children, with confidence, should be able to say that all the polar bears and penguins are safe and ask questions like what in the world were fossil fuels? This dream can only be a certainty if our government speaks of its promises and listens to the young minds of today.

Final Thoughts and The Climate Battle

I think my opinion has a strong impression on everyone, especially students. We students have to take action and start stepping up, we need to write letters, raise awareness, and get the attention of world leaders. If we don’t start taking action the world could end up like a grey furball that my cat usually spits out, and I don’t think anyone wants to live on a soggy furball.

As I said, climate change should become the talk of the past, our children, and future family members should be living with no fear and should be experiencing a new and cleaner generation. 

I hope I have made an impact and drilled at least one piece of advice into your head. I’m just joking about the drilling part, but I hope that you will influence others and your family so that our future generation can say “What in the world was climate change?”

For more information on climate change, check out: https://climate.nasa.gov/effects/