The Ajax Public Library Celebrates: Women’s History Month

         During the month of March, the Ajax Public Library ran an Instagram campaign on their “Teens” account to recognize various women who are found inspirational by their volunteers.

To celebrate Women’s History Month, the Ajax Public Library came up with an interesting, yet simple way to tell everyone about the women they find inspirational. Through an Instagram campaign, teen volunteers shared their thoughts about women, including those in their lives, they find inspirational. Throughout the month of March, the library’s Instagram posted a picture or artwork (created by the volunteers) of a woman, along with a caption. This caption included who the woman posted is, and why the volunteer(s) finds her inspirational.

An example of what the posts look like can be found here. This post specifically was on Amelia Earhart, and why the volunteer found her inspirational.

When the volunteer coordinator, Georgina De Roche, was asked the reason for running this campaign, she said it is “to encourage the Teen Advisory Committee to actively think about women in their lives and reflect on why their contributions or representations affect them”. Georgina also said that she wanted to use their space to “celebrate women’s stories and experiences” and “[extend the] celebration beyond March 8”. As a community member and a part of the Library, she believes that “Women’s History Month as a movement is an important and necessary reminder that the struggles for equity are still going”. Though there is still much to do, everyone should take the time to reflect on the challenges and celebrate the milestones/accomplishments of the women around us.

The Ajax Library has participated in various movements as a celebration of the great people in our community, and history. One of their recent campaigns includes the Women’s History Month campaign on their Instagram. They’ve also done campaigns on Black History Month, and more. To see their full Women’s History Month campaign, as well as others, visit their Instagram page; @ajaxlibrary_teens.