Students vs Teachers: Virtual Learning

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Students vs Teachers: Virtual Learning

¨All publicly funded schools in Ontario closing for 2 weeks due to Covid- 19¨, reported all local news, the day things took a turn for the worst. Both students and teachers were excited about the 2-week break but what was supposed to be just a short break from school turned into a worldwide pandemic that is still continuing. Staying home for this long brought up many issues for everyone, such as anxiety, stress, depression, and social issues.

Students at J Clarke Richardson; Rukshiya, Sunethma, and Grace, decided to take a deeper look into the different opinions of the teachers vs the students on virtual learning which was brought on due to the pandemic.  Are teachers’ perspectives truly different from the students’? A school-wide survey was posted for both students and teachers to find the answer to this question. This article is a summary of the results!

How are you feeling today? 

[10 for feeling excellent! and 1 for feeling down :(]

The majority of participants chose 10, meaning they were feeling really good that day.

48% of the participants fell between 7-9. 

16% replied they felt average, as they selected 5-6.

The remaining 12% of the results were on the low end of the stick, between 1-4.. This answer could have depended on the day that the survey was answered as well as the person.

How well are you taking care of your mental health?

[10 for taking excellent care, and 1 for not at all]

More than half of the responses fall between 7-10. This represents individuals at JCR are taking care of their mental health well despite the unfortunate circumstances currently!

32% of our responses came back between 4-5.

4% of individuals replied with a 2.

How much time do you have for yourself?

[5 for a lot of time! 1 for visually none]

4% of the participants replied they could not find time for themselves.

12% have barely any time for themselves

40% of our results have chosen 3

Fortunately, 44% of our answered replied they have a lot of time for themselves!

How much time do you get to spend time with your family? 

[1 for no time, 10 for a lot of time!]

Around half of our results fall around the middle, between 4-6

16% of the results were between 7-8

Around 28% of our participants fell on the higher end, which means they spent a lot of time with family

Looking at the results we can come to a conclusion that many individuals in JCR could spend time with their family! 

How much time do you spend on homework/prep for school?

[1 for no time, and 10 for “all of my time”]

When asked how much time they get to prep or do homework, the majority of our results were along the higher end of the spectrum. More than ⅔ of our results are between 8-10  These results show that the students & teachers of JCRare spending an overwhelming amount of time or prep/homework.

How much time do you normally have to do homework?

[1 for not a lot of time, and 10 for more than plenty]

Our results show the majority of individuals feel they have an average amount of time for homework, between 4-7.  

The remaining data replied with they have a lot of time, falling between 8-10.

Do you feel as though you are more stressed during in-person highschool or virtual high school?

When asked if students/teachers are feeling stressed in person or virtual majority have chosen in person. Looking at this result, we can infer that this may be because of the more socializing needed in person along with the changes that have happened in the person leading to more stress. 

Do you think flex time is beneficial to you?

We’ve given our participants the choice of “yes”, “not at all”, and “kind of” regarding the benefits the individuals feel they receive from flex time. , The majority have chosen yes. With this result, we can infer that due to the lesser amount of seeing a teacher in person flex time has helped those catch up on work and concepts they don´t understand.

What do you miss most about learning/teaching with no restrictions?

When asked what students and teachers what they miss about learning/teaching with no restrictions some common responses are given were the face-to-face connections, meeting friends, being able to interact, masks/rules, change of routines, and many more.

What is your biggest concern/complaint about learning/teaching online or with restrictions?

Some of the common answers we received were cheating, focusing, less time and increased concepts, longer time of consistent work, and many more.

Overall, looking at the results of this survey we can come to a conclusion that the answers have varied due to personal opinions. Some have used this pandemic as a time to grow and be better and some have struggled as it was a big change. It is important to stay positive and remember that things take time to get better and to make the best out of it.