Should We Send Donald Trump To The Sun?

Personally, I liked it better when I had only known Donald Trump as the guy who likes to fire people.

Does Donald Trump really need an introduction?  You already know who he is.  There are so many things that I could say about him and yet he never fails to leave me at a loss for words (I used the word “things” in that sentence; if that isn’t an indication as to how I feel on the subject, I don’t know what will).

It deeply pains me that I’m writing an article based on him since he already receives a ridiculous amount of attention from the media due to his outrageous antics (CNN, I’m looking at you).  I constantly struggle to believe that Trump is a real person. Think about it.  He’s willing to spend billions of dollars in order to build a wall to stop Mexicans from coming into the United States, he genuinely believes that sexual assault is to be expected when men and women are put together (not at all fun fact: one of his ex-wives admitted that he forced her into sexual situations without her consent), he gave out a senator’s private number purely out of spite (being petty is definitely not a quality of a good president), he accused all immigrants of being rapists, and he avoided relevant and confrontational questions when asked by a female about his ludicrous views and then went on to blame it on her period (similar to something a teenage boy would have done if he were in his position). That’s just to name a few.  Considering his sense of size, it is quite predictable that Donald Trump would say that this list is not very long, as he also thought that a million dollars was considered a “small loan”.

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign of intense nationalism, fear of difference and outsiders, intolerance of criticism, and celebration of aggressive masculinity (in other words, fascism)  has gotten him this far (he has already reached the 1237 delegates needed to be the Republican nomination) and it is genuinely terrifying.  I know that in the early stages of Trump’s campaign, I treated him as a joke, as I was set on the idea that there was no way that a racist, misogynistic, fascist bully would ever receive any support; little did I know.  If Donald Trump becomes president of the United States, which is a real possibility, there are really no limits as to what he could accomplish.  Everything that the Obama government has built over the last eight years can be vanished in a short amount of time.  If he can’t fix his hair, how can you expect him to run a country?

In all seriousness, Trump is a person that cannot be trusted; he has disturbingly similar views to the fascist dictator who was the instigator of the Second World War (yes, I’m talking about Hitler), he’s a compulsive liar, and he acts impulsively without thinking of the repercussions.  Honestly, have you seen his twitter or any interview Donald Trump has been in?  He truly does not have a filter.  For instance, he once tweeted out a quote by Benito Mussolini, he has said multiple times that vaccines leads to autism and that climate change doesn’t exist (if he can’t pay attention in science class, how can he run a country?), he said that he would date his daughter if she wasn’t his daughter (the real question is, am I really surprised), and he constantly refers to people who disagree with him as “haters” and “losers” (clearly, 69 years is not nearly enough time to mature).  Despite being an awful person, surprisingly, Donald Trump still has a decent amount of support from people.  It’s funny because if he was a person of colour reacting to insults like he does, people would call him uncivilized and irrational.  If he was a woman, he’d be called emotional and the offensive five letter word that begins with a b (also known as a female dog).  However, Donald Trump, a very privileged white male is able to be openly racist and sexist and still be accepted and admired by a fairly large portion of the general public.  It’s ridiculous.

In short, yes; we should send Donald Trump to the sun.