March Madness

March Madness

March 15-19 

¨In support of our collective efforts to keep schools safe, we are postponing March break until April 12-16, 2021¨ said Stephen Lecce, Ontario´s Minister of Education. March break was certainly a break many students were looking forward to. Many individuals were upset about the news.

At J Clarke Richardson, our goal is to make sure students are happy and never upset. Hearing students not be so happy about March break being postponed Ms. Jadoon, the school´s vice-principal and student government decided to create March Madness spirit week to keep the energy of students high. ¨Who is ready for our very own ¨MARCH MADNESS¨? Well get ready Richardson!¨ read our Instagram post to promote the week. 

The week of March madness allowed students to participate in 5 days of serious spirit. Starting on Monday, March 15th, Mismatch Monday! Students were encouraged to wear mismatching clothing to show their spirit. On Tuesday, March 16th it was a tropical Tuesday. Students came into school in their vacation attire to show off their tropical spirit.

On Wednesday, March 17th it was Whimsical Wednesday. Many students wore green to show their spirit.

On Thursday, March 18th it was tie-dye Thursday. Students both made their own tie-dye or found tie-dye clothing to participate. Lastly, on Friday, March 19th it was Fav team Friday. Students wore their favorite jerseys, hats, headbands, etc. 

March Madness was definitely a success. Although March break being postponed was a disappointment to many students, J Clarke Richardson found a way to bring the vacation/break to the school. Many more pictures and videos of this week can be found on Instagram @jcrstorm.