JCR Supports Liberals in Student Vote

Elections CanadaI am sure that most people will agree that 2015 has been a very memorable year, but this article is not to discuss the tremendous victories of the Blue Jays. It is all about the historic federal election that took place on October 19th, 2015.

At the beginning of the election campaign, according to the polls, the Liberals lead by our now Prime Minister elect Justin Trudeau, were in last place. Starting with an outstanding performance in the first debate, Justin Trudeau surprised everyone with a very strong performance and according to most analysts won that debate. As the campaign progressed it was clear that the Liberals were gaining momentum. They were able to dismiss political attack advertisements with class and their plan for Canada was strong. The Conservatives lead by Stephen Harper were constantly put in a defensive mode and so were not able to put forward a clear plan for the next four years.

The Liberals won the election with a very big majority, a total of 184 parliamentary seats which makes Justin Trudeau our next Prime Minister. The Conservatives will form the official opposition with 99 parliamentary seats. Stephen Harper, former Prime Minister, has resigned and now the Conservatives will need to choose a new leader. The New Democratic Party won only 44 parliamentary seats and has lost their official opposition position. The Bloc Québécois won 10 seats followed by the Green Party with only one seat.

At J Clarke Richardson, a mock student federal election was held to see which way Richardson students would vote. J Clarke Richardson students also voted in favour of the Liberal Party. The breakdown of the student voting is as follows:

Mark Holland — Liberal Party of Canada = 168 votes
Chris Alexander — Conservative Party of Canada = 63 votes
Stephanie Brown — New Democratic Party = 40 votes
Jeff Hill — Green Party of Canada = 16 votes
Bob Kesic — United Party of Canada = 3 votes
Total number of valid votes = 290


So many changes are ahead and we hope that Prime Minister elect Justin Trudeau will lead our great country to a very bright and safe future.


Thanks go to Ms. Hunter-Cruz for the J Clarke Richardson polling data.