Hope for the Holidays!

During this time, as Christmas spirits arise, the student government is captivated by the amazing opportunity to help others in need! This year student government is working with the Durham Children’s Aid Foundation on the Hope for the Holidays Project!

On November 2nd, the Durham Children’s Aid Foundation launched its annual Holiday Hope gift hamper program in support of 2,000 children and 500 families across the Durham region. During this time Durham Children’s Aid Foundation puts together gift hampers with the help of wish lists from families. Along with this students and families from across the Durham region sponsor and ‘adopt’ families to do this themselves. Holiday hope ensures that children and youth have a reason to celebrate the season. They strongly believe “No child shall be left behind!”

Durham Children's Aid Foundation - No Child Shall Be Left Behind

This Christmas student government are supporting two different families to improve their holiday experience. Student government has been given wish-lists by each family and they are raising money to fulfill them. As an incentive for students to donate money, they are holding a draw on December 1st for many different prizes from a variety of stores! A variety of community members have joined the event to help accomplish the goal. Places like Metro, Starbucks, What a Bagel, Subway, Goodlife Fitness and Booster Juice are more than happy to provide the school with donations and prizes to help students donate money.

Words cannot express the gratitude that is in our hearts for your selfless act of generosity towards us,” said Sandra, the Holiday Hope Recipient. “Bless you and your family this Christmas and for the years to come.”

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Student government has worked hard from planning the event, contacting community members for donations and prizes, spreading awareness, providing information about the project, and ensuring everything runs smoothly. Richardon’s Prime Minister Aliya Jokhu says, “I feel like it’s been an amazing initiative to be a part of. Especially during these hard times, we have the opportunity to help those in need. This event brings the community together to support this cause by donating!

During this busy, stressful yet joyful season, knowing that J. Clarke Richardson is supporting those in need brings much joy to all of us. This truly demonstrates the true meaning of the holidays. Do your part and help put HOPE back into the holiday season!

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