Hawaii 2015: A Student’s Perspective

JCR student Alexandria Haripal, a.k.a. Lexie, was part of our school Hawaii trip that traveled to the Pacific island over the March Break. She recently sat down to share her thoughts about the trip with Eye on the Storm’s MY3.

Eye on the Storm: How was the trip to Hawaii?
Lexie: It was a trip of a lifetime and what I enjoyed the most was hanging out with my friends, which had formed a bond between us. It was a good experience to see what it is like to go on vacation without my family, to become independent, taking care of myself, budgeting my money for groceries, etc. I don’t think I would have another opportunity like this again.

Eye on the Storm: What did you do in Hawaii?
Lexie: We went for sports, so we had one sports day and only the days we just did activities like we went to Mountain Head, we went snorkeling, we had a lot of shopping days and beach days. Basically, we came together as a team, so we can get to know each other better.

Eye on the Storm: what did you liked most? Least?
Lexie: I’d say Mountain Head. Climbing that mountain was a good experience. I think not only the exercise aspect of it, but the fact that we got to do it because not a lot of people get that opportunity. What I liked the least were the days that had nothing planned for us to do. I just kind of stayed in my hotel room.

Eye on the Storm: Is there anything you would do differently in Hawaii?
Lexie: Other than the fact I would like my family to come with me to Hawaii, I don’t think so. I had a great time going to Hawaii for the March Break.

Eye on the Storm: what did you learn from this trip? What did the experience teach you?
Lexie: It mostly taught me how to be more independent, how to take care of myself because our food wasn’t provided for us every day, so we had to go out and buy groceries and find everything we need with those we share a room with. It was me and three other girls in a room and we would come together and make a grocery list. It helped us to not spend too much and to decide the things we would like to buy.

Eye on the Storm: would you recommend going to an international trip, such as this one, to students?
Lexie: Honestly, I think it depends on where we go in the future. If a another sports opportunity comes up, I’m definitely sure a lot more people would like to go because they would want to talk to us about our experiences and we’d tell them it’s an experience that they would never forget.

Eye on the Storm: What’s the best advice you would give to those who would go to an international trip such as this one or in general?
Lexie: I’d say it’s best to go with people you enjoy hanging out with because there’s lot of free time and if there’s no one to spend time with, it will be boring and doesn’t really add up to your traveling experiences.

Eye on the Storm: how you rate your trip? From one to ten
Lexie: I would give it a ten, despite the delays we went through with the flights, it bought us two extra days in Hawaii. So again, I’d give it a ten.

Eye on the Storm: What happened in Chicago? There was news about flight delays from Chicago to Toronto.
Lexie: We got delayed in Hawaii, so we stayed an extra two days in Hawaii in our hotel rooms. Sunday morning, the day before school started, we flew to Chicago, which was an eight hour flight. And after that eight hour flight, we got delayed in the Chicago airport for fourteen hours because of a snow storm. It took some time to de-freeze the airplane, so we finally got a plane home.

Eye on the Storm: What three words would you use to describe your trip?
Lexie: My three words would be amazing, for sure, experienced, because of the things we did trustworthy because you trust your friends and trust yourself to take care of things on your own.

Eye on the Storm: It sounded like a fantastic trip to Hawaii. I’m glad that you guys had fun in Hawaii and thanks for your time.
Lexie: You’re welcome.