Reading, Writing and ………Coffee?

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world because of its energy boosting qualities and it also tastes great. According to the Coffee Association of Canada, about 65% of Canadian adults drink coffee on a daily basis. While there is no defined statistic for Canadian teen consumption of coffee, the percentage is likely similar since coffee is often used by students to keep them awake throughout the school day or help them have enough energy to finish school work.

It is commonly known that coffee should not be consumed too often because it contains caffeine which is a stimulant that affects the consumer’s central nervous system. This can lead to some serious health problems if consumed in excess. Some of these negative health effects include cardiovascular problems, increased stress, contributions to aging, nutritional deficiencies, and frequent urination. Caffeinated coffee can also increase the consumer’s heart rate, blood pressure, and contribute to the development of heart disease in a consumer who drinks it very frequently over time.

Eye on the Storm asked JCR students about their coffee consumption habits and whether they depend on it or not. Tenth grader Joshua Sankarlal says, “I dislike coffee. I guess that means I don’t depend on it. However tea is more of my thing.” Ramila Pervez, another tenth grader, says, “I’ve only drank coffee twice and it was to stay awake.” Eleventh grader Alexis Pemberton replied, “Yes I drink coffee, but it is more because I like it and I don’t depend on it because it makes me paranoid if I drink it a lot.” Eye on the Storm editor Sukaina Jamil says, “I do drink coffee but only because I like it. I don’t depend on it.” Twelfth grader Dhairya Patel adds, “I drink it because I like it. I only drink it occasionally.”

Many JCR students do not really depend on coffee, but fortunately for the ones who do depend on it to keep them energized, there are some healthier options. According to Robert Thayer, a professor at California State University, taking a ten minute walk is an effective way to increase your energy because walking circulates oxygen throughout your body. In addition to that, being exposed to bright lights can decrease sleepiness and make you feel more alert. Even starting a conversation has been shown to reduce drowsiness. So time to ditch the caffeinated coffee and allow yourself to find a better, healthier way to feel alert and ene