It’s Time To End The Debate: Pineapple on Pizza, Yum or Yuck?

Disgusting. Delicious. It’s time to end this timeless debate. We interviewed 100 people, from students, to teachers, custodians and random people on Instagram. Is pineapple on pizza good or bad? Well, the people have spoken and it was an extremely close vote, but pineapple on pizza won! The results clock in at 42% of people hating pineapple on pizza and 58% loving it. 

So why is pineapple on pizza such a controversial topic? Well, it may just be the combination of sweet and savoury. “I don’t mix sweet and savoury,” says Aneela, a Student Government member. Some people just don’t like the combination of these two flavours, and that’s alright. This can also be the reason why people like pineapple on pizza. Samayra, a student from JCR, says that she likes pineapple on pizza because, “It’s a perfect sweet and sour combo!” These two interviews show how diverse our school can be when it comes to different opinions. 

Despite this, there are different reasons why someone might like or dislike pineapple on pizza. For now, let’s hear it from people who like pineapple on pizza. Many people describe liking the sweetness of the pineapple on the pizza, such as Jordan who says, “It’s amazing because you always need a sweet element for a burst of good sweet taste you know?” People also like pineapple on pizza solely because of how different it tastes. “You have all these things on pizza so why not” says Brendan, a student at JCR. 

An Instagram user even told us about a delicious sounding pizza, with pineapple, goat cheese, basil, and black olives. 

People have also described pineapple on pizza as something they think is alright. “I don’t hate it, I just think it’s okay,” says Sayaani, a member of Student Government. 

The sweetness of pineapple on pizza can be repulsing the same way it can be appealing. “It’s too sweet to be on pizza and it makes it taste weird. I just don’t like pineapple in general,” says Ava. Pineapple in general can be a huge no for some people too. Many of the people we interviewed expressed that they didn’t like pineapple or pizza, so they wouldn’t like pineapple on pizza either. “It’s a disgusting fruit and pizza is a no-no,” said an Instagram user. Another Instagram user stated that they didn’t like pineapple pizza because “It’s hairy balls”. We don’t know what kind of pineapple pizza they’ve been eating, but they certainly don’t like it.

So what did you think? Did the answers shock you or were you not surprised? Most importantly, do you like pineapple on pizza? Personally, both of us enjoy pineapple pizza very much. Some of our responses on Instagram said that they never had it before, and if that’s you, we say go try it! There’s nothing wrong with trying new foods and it’s alright if you dislike it. At the end of the day, pineapple pizza fan or not, we must come together to defeat the real enemy: Bananas on pizza.